Capitol Offense

The world witnessed a disgraceful display of lawlessness by a large crowd of Trump supporters at our nation’s capitol building. The President gave a long, impassioned speech outlining the numerous voting irregularities that took place during the November presidential election. Some of the irregularities included twice the number of votes cast as voters in the district, dead voters casting a vote and votes being made by people who have moved from the state. The media repeatedly stated that the Trump legal team found “no substantiated evidence” of fraud. The fact that thousands of votes suddenly appeared in the wee morning hours that were nearly 100% for Biden was also ignored by the media. The courts refuse to accept any of the Trump fraud lawsuits cases so evidence obtained could not even be presented for adjudication. There is no justice when courts will not even look at the merits of a case. President Trump hasn’t been treated fairly by the media or anyone in Washington for the past five years. He and his family have been attacked like no other president in my lifetime. Despite this he has a loyal following like no other president that I can recall. Working class Americans believe that Trump fought for them and some of them probably felt as if this was their time to fight for him. I don’t condone the assault on the Capitol if his supporters were totally responsible for the assault. Trump supporters have always been strong promoters of law & order and I have never seen his rallies become violent. Security cameras will soon identify those involved and whether there were instigators behind the violence. Some believe there were “professional” rioters dispersed among the crowd who were intent on causing problems. These “rioters” were possibly involved in other large-scale violence in places such as Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, New York and other cities. Three explosive devices were found around the Capitol suggesting this was likely more than a simple riot. Hopefully we will learn more about the incident over time. Sadly four people lost their lives during the chaos including an unarmed, female Air Force veteran. Because this action was “Trump-inspired” the media is describing the event in the strongest of anti-Trump terms. They (media) are promoting the idea of invoking the 25th amendment and removing the President from office with only two weeks remaining in his term. The events of yesterday were also frightening from a national security standpoint; our enemies must be delighted seeing how easy it was to “capture” the Capitol.

President Trump damaged his party and ruined his chances for another run at the presidency in 2024. For all the accomplishments that he has achieved in his four years of office, this single event cancelled out everything in the minds of many. If Congress does not address the numerous deficiencies in our voting system, events like the one that took place yesterday could be repeated. The ability to trust that our elections are fair and honest is essential to the continuation of our democracy. Without it we are no better than some third world dictatorship. Voter rolls must be updated regularly, especially before each presidential election. Voter ID must be enforced when voting in person. Voter registration should include a mandatory voter ID to be used at polling places. These should be provided free of charge so no one can claim identification discriminates against the poor. Absentee ballots MUST be requested and signature verification included upon submission. Enforcing these standards are NOT infringing on anyone’s civil rights or freedoms. If you believe in fair elections this is common sense!

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