The Purge 2021

To no one’s surprise President Trump was impeached for the second time by a Democratic House out to destroy the most powerful Republican since Ronald Reagan. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is out to completely eradicate the President and his followers. Joining her in the effort are their allies in the media, Big Tech and major corporations. Even the banks are blacklisting anyone associated with Donald Trump or his administration. In an earlier post I predicted that a Biden victory would result in retribution against Trump supporters. It appears the Capitol Hill riot was a convenient excuse to reinstitute McCarthyism whereby individuals can be singled out as enemies of the state. Like the hunt to find communists in the ’50s the Dems are hunting down Trump supporters and doing their best to destroy them politically and financially. Many of those who were at the Washington rally, whether or not they participated in any of the riotous behavior, were fired from their jobs. It is discrimination (and therefore illegal) to hire or fire someone based on their political affiliation and companies that do so are opening themselves up to lawsuits. Nancy Pelosi and others are pushing for those at the rally to be placed on the “no fly” list as domestic terrorists. Numerous major corporations have announced that they will stop donating to the 148 House members and the eight Senators who objected to the certification of the electoral college vote. This is a knee-jerk reaction to a dreadful event by a bunch of misguided radicals. I am among the 80% of Trump voters (some 75 million) who believe that the presidential election was not legitimate and much of his support (if not all) is still intact. The bullying tactics of the Left will divide the nation even further. I have seen no indication from the president-elect that he is serious about unifying the country. If he is serious about healing the nation, he better start acting the part.

President Trump did not promote violence in his January 6 speech; he encouraged “peaceful” protest. Those intent on violence were planning to do so for some time. Washington police chose to ignore the warning signs and failed to ask for additional security. A show of force (such as we see now at the Capitol) would most likely have deterred any misbehavior. Where was all this concern for security during the summer of riots when cities were being destroyed and businesses burned to the ground? When the Senate holds their trial they will be hard-pressed to prove the President’s speech caused the actions that took place shortly thereafter. There is no justification for the actions that took place on January 6, but it suggests an extreme level of frustration with legislators. With an 11% approval rating Congress is definitely out of touch with the average voter. The attacks on Donald Trump and his followers will further divide the country and will come back to bite the Democrats in the mid-terms and in 2024. Democrats are self-serving with little concern for average Americans. Donald Trump’s success was from his ability to speak for and fight for the forgotten voter. He became the champion of the working class and will remain their champion. The more the elitist Big Tech and corporations attack Trump, the more his followers will back him. It is a grave mistake to penalize Trump supporters if you want reconciliation and unity.

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