None So Blind

Nancy Pelosi rushed to impeach the President for the second time wanting to completely humiliate and disqualify (or so she believed) him from ever holding office again. With only days remaining in his presidential term House members couldn’t wait for arrests and an investigation as to what actually triggered the mob action. This was a planned event that should have been stopped before it took place. It was as much the result of security negligence as it was a planned assault. We seemed to have learned nothing from the surprise attack on 9/11 when we ignored intelligence and nearly 3000 lives were lost as a result. There was plenty of intelligence before the event that was ignored as well. The President’s speech was typical Trump rally speech but did not “incite an insurrection.” The riot that took place afterward was military-style in the manner in which certain members moved, signaled and were attired. House members were on a mission to impeach the President regardless of the circumstances out of their incessant hatred for for Mr. Trump. On the eve of the holiday honoring the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we would do well to remember one of his famous quotes. “When given the choice between love and hate, I choose love. Hate is too great a burden.” Sadly ten Republican members of the House also voted to impeach with no evidence other than what they witnessed that day. A rush to judgement is seldom proper or just. To add insult to injury Speaker Pelosi appointed Eric Swalwell as the Impeachment Manager. Mr. Swalwell is the disgraced congressman from California who had a years-long relationship with a female Chinese spy. Instead of being removed from Congress for his behavior, Pelosi appointed him to the Intelligence Committee where he has access to highly classified material despite his questionable behavior. The West Coast segment of the Democratic party appears beholden to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as Swalwell, Senator Diane Feinstein and ex-Senator Barbara Boxer have all interacted with the CCP. Hunter Biden made lucrative deals with companies tied to the CCP so don’t expect the Biden administration to be tough with China on any fronts.

According to Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, once Trump leaves office on January 20 Congress loses its constitutional authority to continue impeachment proceedings. The role of impeachment is to remove the president from office. Once the president has left office a trial is unnecessary because the president is already out of office. We have Big Tech, large corporations and the Democratic party telling us who we can support and what we can say. Perhaps an alliance with China and the CCP is our next step because America is no longer the land of the free. We now have a nation where one group is taking away the freedoms of others and trying to impose their will. That sounds more like a socialist or communist nation than the America I remember. With wolves at our door we don’t need to be hating each other and fighting among fellow Americans. Our enemies will conquer us without firing a shot.

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