Total Submission

Joe Biden ran on a pledge of bringing the country together, and his inaugural speech relied heavily on a theme of unity. A recent survey asked if voters believed “unity” was possible in the next four years under the new Biden administration. A substantial number of Democrats and Independents believed that unity was possible in the next four years. When Republicans were asked the same question, however, 93% said they did NOT see a nation united within the next four years. That is no surprise when Donald Trump and his followers have been scorned and called every derogatory name possible for the past five years. Katie Couric and other prominent media figures have declared that conservative Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed.” According to the Democrats “unity” means total submission and conforming to liberal Democratic ideals. With the Democrats in control of the House, Senate (when you consider the tie breaking VP vote) and the presidency, Joe Biden plans to undo the progress made under President Trump. Shortly after his inauguration our new president signed 15 Executive Orders and 2 additional Action Plans that would stop many Trump initiatives whether they were good for America or not. These actions were impetuous and not rationally measured. The Biden plans of open borders, stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, end fracking and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord will destroy American jobs and once again make us dependent on foreign oil. We were actually exporting liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe so they didn’t have to rely on Russia for supplies. The flood of immigrants during a pandemic will make us more vulnerable to disease and death. Encouraging migrants on a dangerous journey is only aiding the drug cartels who are being enriched from these migrant caravans. Instead of fighting for Republican principles Mitch McConnell is “playing nice” with Chuck Schumer sounding like a meek RINO (Republican in Name Only). Donald Trump changed the party in two very important ways: 1) he made Republicans the party of the working class and 2) taught Republicans how to fight. The party needs to regroup and prepare for the 2022 midterm elections where they can retake the House and the Senate once Americans have had enough of the disastrous Biden policies.

For the past four years conservative Republicans have been verbally and physically attacked simply for supporting Trump. The results of the 2016 election were questioned for four years yet when incidences of voter fraud are found in the 2020 election Republicans are accused of conjuring up conspiracies. Some 80% of Republican voters don’t feel the recent election results were legitimate and that won’t change. Although President Biden gave a unifying inaugural speech his first actions were very divisive by cancelling many of the projects that were creating jobs and keeping us safe. If President Biden wants to begin unifying the nation he should tell the Senate to drop the impeachment trial because Donald Trump can no longer be removed from office. A conviction now will further anger and divide the country. The country could use some good will and other than a fancy speech we have yet to see anything from President Biden in the way of action that would be unifying. I believe that Trump supporters will show the same support and respect for a President Biden that the Democrats showed for the newly-elected President Trump in 2017. If you are expecting unity from Republicans, don’t hold your breath.

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