Divider in Chief

Joe Biden gave a unifying message in his inaugural speech and was lavishly praised by the media for it. In less than a week he has voters expressing buyers remorse and threatening to divide the country more than ever. In his first three days in office President Joe Biden issued 29 Executive Orders (EOs) and Actions. By comparison President Obama issued five EOs and President Trump only issued one EO over the same three day period. When signing the stack of orders the President didn’t even seem to know what each represented and could not adequately explain many of them to the press in attendance. President Biden is obviously fulfilling his commitment to the progressive wing of the party. He placated the environmentalists by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, halting the Keystone XL pipeline, and initiating a war on fossil fuels. He is fooling himself if he believes we can rid our economy of petroleum. Countless products in our everyday lives are petroleum derivatives and if we must begin importing oil once again we will be dependent on unreliable foreign sources. Other countries will NOT follow the strict demands of the Paris Accord and the U.S. will be damaging our economy for no good reason. There are no disciplinary measures in the Accord with which to deal with nations who do not comply with the Accord. The largest polluters, China and India, are exempt until 2030 from the terms of the agreement. The Paris Accord is an attempt to punish the most successful nations such as the U.S. for our economic success. Under President Trump the U.S. reduced both CO2 and other greenhouse gases without the need of any international agreement while maintaining a booming economy. The Democrats may regret their decision to stop the Keystone XL pipeline because it resulted in the loss of at least 11,000 good-paying blue collar union jobs. Those are the jobs directly related to the construction itself, but there are a host of additional jobs associated with the pipeline that will be lost as well. The Canadians were not consulted prior to the decision and the shutdown costs Canadian jobs and revenue as well. Candidate Biden promised to create millions of jobs in the “green energy” sector but with the stroke of his pen he created thousands of unemployed energy sector workers where there once were good paying jobs.

The other huge mistake that will adversely impact our nation is the President’s stance on immigration. Our immigration laws have needed overhaul for many years but Congress is responsible for passing legislation on the issue. President Biden has imposed a 100 day ban on deportation of any illegals in the U.S., including those who have committed crimes. Candidate Biden promised free health care and a “path to citizenship” for the over 11 million illegals in the country. With such generous benefits one caravan of 7000-8000 people is already on its way to our southern border and another is forming in Honduras. President Trump had an agreement with the Mexican president to keep asylum seekers in Mexico pending their hearing in U.S. courts. Biden doesn’t feel the need to renegotiate such an agreement. In less than a week President Biden has put us on a path to destruction through socialist policies. He is not the moderate that people who voted for him expected. I’m holding my breath over what may be coming next.

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