Tone Deaf

John Kerry is the epitome of a Washington elitist who has absolutely nothing in common with the average blue collar worker. As President Biden destroys hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fossil fuel industry, Kerry callously declared that oil workers could find work building solar panels. What a moronic statement since most solar panels in the U.S. are produced in China. How many years does Mr. Kerry suppose it will take to build factories in the states that can mass produce solar panels? What are these workers to do for a job in the meantime? The pandemic has shut down many businesses and skilled jobs, particularly ones that pay well, are difficult to find. Mr. Kerry has never missed a paycheck having married into the Heinz ketchup fortune. He has no idea what workers idled on the Keystone XL pipeline or those in the oil & gas industry who will be losing their jobs are facing. Kerry was appointed “special presidential envoy for climate” in the Biden administration. The position does not require Senate confirmation, fortunate for Mr. Kerry because it is unlikely he could survive a Senate confirmation hearing. As a climate envoy he sets a poor example for the rest of America. As part of the Heinz Family Foundation LLC the Foundation owns a jet. It was used extensively during Kerry’s presidential run in 2004. The airline industry has played a significant role in releasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, contributing more than its share to climate change. A recent study found that just one percent of the world’s population produce 50 percent of airline emissions. Kerry is not alone as many Hollywood celebrities and political figures have their own planes. In his position it is the worst hypocrisy for Kerry to allow his family’s foundation to use a private jet when we are facing a pending crisis. Mr. Kerry is just plain tone deaf.

President Biden has already signed some 40 executive orders and executive actions. Although he campaigned as a moderate every action thus far has been to appease his progressive base. He is destroying the oil and gas industry which had become more environmentally friendly in recent years. America had become energy independent and was exporting liquified natural gas to our European allies. No fuel is cleaner burning than natural gas but now the U.S. and the E.U. will once again be dependent potentially hostile nations for our essentials. Biden is fooling himself if he believes we can transition quickly from fossil fuels to renewables. I’ve stated previously that it is IMPOSSIBLE to provide all of our energy needs with renewable sources. Building solar panels, windmills and storage batteries are MORE harmful to the environment than the energy sources we are utilizing now. The Democrat’s climate policy is shear idiocy and will ruin the economy and the environment as well. Our efforts will make little difference when the major polluters (China & India) are doing little to slow their greenhouse gas emissions.

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