Border Disarray

President Biden’s immigration policy has predictably resulted in a flood of migrants heading to our southern border. The mass migration began even before his inauguration because he campaigned on granting amnesty to all the illegals in the country. No one truly knows just how many “undocumented” (as the new administration wants to refer to them) there are in the country. The number that we often hear is 11 million but that was a best guess made two decades ago. The true number is far in excess of 11 million and is probably somewhere between 16 & 29 million. The Democrats value these individuals as potential Democratic voters. Legalizing their presence and providing them a pathway to citizenship (including the right to vote) guarantees permanent Democratic control of all the branches of state and federal government. The Democrats hope to further “buy” immigrant loyalty through generous benefits such as free health care, free education and social benefits such as welfare, unemployment and food stamps. The Democrats argue that these new citizens will be tax-paying contributors to society but it is more likely they will be drains on the economy rather than contributors. After reversing most of the Trump administration immigration policies Biden now finds himself in a dilemma, scrambling to deal with the flood of migrants at our border. Customs and Border Patrol agents are detaining as many as 3500 illegals a day at our southern border. This does not include the number that slip through the border undetected. New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) criticized President Biden when it was made public that Homeland Security reopened an unlicensed facility to hold the increasing influx of unaccompanied children. This is the same facility that was built under the Obama/Biden administration yet was only decried as “putting children in cages” when it was used by President Trump. In a Twitter post AOC said, “This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay — no matter the party or administration.” When questioned by a reporter, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki deftly handled the question by referring to the camps as “facilities” despite being the identical fenced holding areas.

Joe Biden consistently lied to the American public, both as a candidate and now as the president. He repeatedly said that Homeland Security under Trump was “ripping children from parents.” Minors who show up at the border with adults are frequently transported by coyotes, unrelated to the child at hand. It would be unsafe to permit minors to be housed with unrelated adults who could be potential sex offenders. Minors who arrive at the border without parents are deemed orphaned until such time that parents can be located. Often times the parents have remained behind in the Central American nation with hopes of traveling at a later date. These minors are held by Health and Human Services (HHS) in housing until sponsors are found. The dramatic rise in migrants has caught the Biden administration flat-footed and has them pleading with migrants not to come. This rush of migrants should have come as no surprise since Biden had made it clear that he would take an “open border” approach toward immigration. Immigration built America when it was in its infancy, but today’s “flood” of immigrants at our southern border will be accompanied by a host of unwanted problems. If we can’t regulate who enters our country we could be inviting our own destruction.

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