Middle East Hypocrisy

The President ordered a limited airstrike in Eastern Syria that targeted an outpost within an Iranian network used to move weapons and terrorists throughout the Middle East. Early on Friday morning two U.S. F-15E jets attacked an area around Abu Kamal, adjacent to the border with Iraq. The region is controlled by Iranian backed militias. The strikes reportedly destroyed multiple structures and supply trucks headed to a nearby Iranian
base. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, twenty-two militia members were killed in the attack. The air strike was the U.S. response to a rocket attack earlier in the month on a U.S. air base in northern Iraq that killed a military contractor and injured an American service member. That attack was apparently the work of a Shiite militia group. There was no immediate response to the air strike from Iran but the Syrian government said the attack showed “American disregard for the role of international law in solving the Syrian crisis.” Iran and its proxies have sought to control a contiguous stretch of land through Iraq and Syria that would permit the movement of military hardware and personnel from Iran all the way to Lebanon. This obviously posses a threat to Israel and they have launched numerous air strikes of their own to disrupt the supply chain. The U.S. air strikes were designed to send a message without escalating tensions with other major foreign players in the region.

President Biden’s actions were generally well -received by all sides, Democrat and Republican. Very similar actions, however, when undertaken in the Trump administration were harshly criticized by the media and Democrats, including Joe Biden. Thus far former President Trump has not commented on yesterday’s U.S. actions but I would be surprised if he were less than supportive. Donald Trump has always believed in the motto of “peace through strength.” Our adversaries thrive when we display weakness, therefore when faced with confrontation we must always be strong. Joe Biden has preached a message of unity but neither Biden nor any other Democrat has “acted” in a non-partisan, unified manner for many years. From my point of view the real partisanship and hatred for the other side escalated under the Obama years. Along with his Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama attacked Republicans and conservatives. He created the narrative that we are a systemically racist nation and initiated the “war on police” that continues today. I applaud yesterday’s actions in Syria, but unless Mr. Biden wakes up and changes his open borders policy foreign enemies won’t be our greatest threat.

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