It Is A Crisis

The Biden administration refuses to admit that the mass migration at our southern border is a “crisis.” The recent deployment of members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to the border is admitting to the world that the border is a disaster. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has diverted border patrol agents from our northern border to the southern border to help manage to surge. The current administration seems to be ignoring the serious looming security disaster aside from the obvious human disaster. Not everyone trying to enter the U.S. is simply looking for a better life. It’s an easy route for a terrorist cell to blend in with the mass of humanity. Border patrol agents have apprehended individuals from the Middle East, Asia and Africa as well as Central and South America. Either President Biden is being sheltered from the truth or is indifferent to the security risks. Biden believes he is opening America to a new way of migrants, but the journey from Central America is costly and often deadly. Those wishing to make the perilous trip are charged thousands of dollars “up front.” Women and children are raped and abused along the way and a few are abandoned or die in the desert. Since the cartel has been paid they are little concerned over any losses on the journey. Since “families” are believed to have a better chance of receiving asylum, many children are bartered to unrelated adults who can afford to pay for their “rental.” Once they reach the U.S. if the adults can’t be verified as the child’s parents, the children are separated and treated as unaccompanied minors. President Trump was mercilessly criticized for securing unaccompanied minors in fenced areas that were referred to as “cages.” In their effort to be more humane the Biden administration is housing unaccompanied minors in shipping containers with a single barred window. Were I a child my personal preference would be an open area with plenty of ventilation and sunlight.

The month of February saw the apprehension of 9500 unaccompanied minors alone. As the warmer months of summer approach DHS expect those numbers to increase. These children and adults are not being Covid-19 tested and are confined in crowded conditions. The adults are released into American society regardless of their Covid-19 status. This is pure insanity at a time when we are attempting to vaccinate our own population yet allowing potentially infected individuals to roam the country at will. Members of the Biden administration are surprised by the “surge” at the border but continue to refer to it as a “challenge.” I have news for them, the challenge will continue to grow. When you promise free health care, free education and God knows what else (at taxpayer expense), you will get everyone who can walk begin moving north. This president is determined to bankrupt our nation with his welfare mentality. Donald Trump wasn’t perfect but he certainly had a better plan for border security!

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