Sensitivity Training

Apparently Arizona Senator Martha McSally and other conservatives need sensitivity training so as not to hurt the feelings of liberal reporters.  On Thursday evening as Senator McSally entered the Dirksen Senate Office Building she was approached by CNN reporter Manu Raju and asked if she thought the Senate should consider “new evidence” in the Trump impeachment trial.  McSally simply called the reporter a “liberal hack” and refused to answer the question.  The liberal cable networks spent all of Friday discussing how terrible this action had been and that McSally should apologize to Raju.  If Mr. Raju is that sensitive then he should find another profession.  McSally said there is a double standard in how the media questions Republicans and Democratic lawmakers.  She stated that they (media) tend to chase after Republicans and ask trapping questions while serving “softball” questions to Democrats.  How many names have the liberal media called President Trump?  Most of them have not been as nice as the liberal hack term used by Senator McSally.  In fact the liberal media have been vicious in attacking the President and most conservative lawmakers in general.  Even Hollywood actors or actresses who show any inclination to like this president are attacked by all forms of social and national media.  There is no fairness or objectivity in the media anymore when 93% or more of the coverage is anti-Trump and anti-conservative.  Just the mention of pro-life or the 2nd amendment and you are immediately labeled a white supremacist or a racist.

When Raju mentioned “new evidence” I’m assuming he is talking about the scribbled notes from the indicted and disgraced Giulliani associate Lev Parnas.  Parnas is the new Michael Avenatti.  Avenatti was the lawyer who represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donald Trump and the woman who had claimed SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh spiked drinks at high school parties that resulted in gang rapes.  Avenatti has since been convicted of tax evasion, extortion, fraud and embezzlement and is not permitted to practice law in the state of California.  Parnas’ reputation and reliability as a witness is being called into question along the same lines as Avenatti.  Even the Ukrainian President has stated that Parnas can’t be believed and should not be trusted.  While liberals are permitted to say anything they choose about the President or any conservative, conservatives are not permitted to hurt a liberal reporter’s feelings.  Shame on you Senator McSally.  You should be more sensitive to the fragile egos of CNN and MSNBC personnel.  After all their ratings fall far short of Fox News!

Grasping at Straws

Since the day he announced for the presidency the media has grasped at straws to find any negative story they could find on Donald Trump.  After two years and some $30 million the Russia collusion story imploded.  The Democratic-controlled House managed to impeach the President along completely partisan lines due to the absence of a real crime.  The latest in their constant attack on the President is the bombshell allegation that Lev Parnas, a friend and associate of Rudy Giulliani has hand-written notes and text messages implicating President Trump in the coverup over the withholding of military aid to the Ukraine in exchange for investigations into the Bidens.  Here is the hard evidence that Chuck Schumer and the Dems were hoping to find during the month-long delay in transferring the articles to the Senate.  The Dems are anxious to call Parnas as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial.  During an interview with Rachel Maddow of CNN Parnas could not recall many details and his story was not clear.  With his less than stellar background, he would undoubtedly be destroyed by a good defense lawyer on his credibility.  I find it ironic how monstrous the Dems made it sound when they accused the President of looking for dirt on Joe Biden.  However it is a different story when they dig for any “dirt” on the President, regardless of the source.  It appears that there are enough Republican Senators willing to vote in favor of witnesses that the Senate trial will probably be somewhat protracted and drawn out.  If Senator Graham has his way, the Republicans will call a witness of their choosing for every witness that the Democrats call to testify.  The President will likely invoke executive privilege for John Bolton and others and Hunter and Joe Biden will probably invoke their 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination.  In the end, nothing will be accomplished and the President will be acquitted.  This entire effort of the impeachment inquiry, subsequent vote in the House committees and ceremonial transfer of the articles of impeachment to the Senate will be a waste of time and money.  But as Nancy Pelosi is fond of saying, “The President will be impeached forever.”

The Democrats have turned a serious process (intended for the most serious of presidential offenses) into a partisan charade.  I’ve never been proud of the U.S. Congress, but I’m more ashamed and disgusted than ever over their behavior and the political process.  You can’t please everyone and no president will be loved by all members of both parties.  The Democrats hatred for this President is childish and only hurting our nation as a whole.  Major issues have been ignored and our national security has been placed at risk by Congressional neglect.  Schumer and the other Dems want witnesses and the appearance of a real trial.  They are asking that this be a “fair” process when there was nothing “fair” about the President’s treatment in the House.  It would be best for everyone involved to have a quick resolution of this sham process and get back to the real problems facing our nation.  I don’t think the activities in Washington today are what the founding fathers had envisioned.  I suspect they would be equally ashamed of “modern” politics and political gamesmanship.

Solemn Event

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made the impeachment process sound like a moving, spiritual experience.  She stated that much prayerful thought had gone into her decision to proceed with the initial  impeachment inquiry.  Pelosi must have been praying to the gods of AOC and the liberal Left because the majority of Americans have opposed impeachment from Day 1.  She raised the idea that her actions were to protect national security and the integrity of the Constitution.  This is typical political doubletalk because impeachment is protecting neither.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  Our enemies see our squabbling as weakness and lack of cohesion which undermines our national security.  As for the Constitution, impeachment was ONLY placed in the document for serious crimes against our nation, such as treason.  I think the founding fathers feared it would be used as a political tool.  The Democrats have proved them correct and initiated a dangerous precedent.  No future president can feel safe from impeachment if the House of Representatives is ruled by a majority from the opposing party.  Nancy Pelosi smiled when she said that President Trump has been impeached “forever.”  So much for solemnity!  Both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are subjective accusations  The Dems couldn’t even wait for the courts to make a ruling on what documents and witnesses the President must submit.  If anyone broke the law it was the House committees that were in a rush to impeach.  Nancy Pelosi should be praying for forgiveness at having started this ridiculous waste of time and money.   Pelosi appeared awfully happy as she officially signed the Articles of Impeachment before carrying them to the Senate for trial.  I suppose all her prayerful meditation brought her to a happy resolution.  In another show of irony she handed out ceremonial pens with her name engraved on them in celebration of her accomplishment.  Congrats Nancy, you made a mockery of Congress and the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Although Pelosi is proud of the “stain” she has placed on the Trump presidency, I don’t remember the Clinton presidency for the “stain” of impeachment.  I remember the Clinton presidency as a time of economic prosperity and “good times” in America.  In years to come I don’t think people will remember the Trump presidency for the stain that Pelosi and her hateful Dems were able to place on the President.  Instead I believe that the Trump years will be remembered for economic boom especially when other countries such as Russia & China were on the decline.  He will be remembered for restoring our military and our position of leadership on the world stage.  He will be remembered for restoring some semblance of trade balance, particularly with China and renegotiating new trade deals with Canada, Mexica and Japan.  The Dems can’t accept all that the President has accomplished in such a short time.  The only way to counter that is to impeach him and make him “look bad.”  It is childish when we can’t all celebrate America’s success and take pride as a nation for where we have come.

Hero Status

In a largely predictable manner the anti-Trump media practically canonized Qassam Soleimani after he was taken out by a drone strike last week.  CNN and MSNBC the ultra-liberal cable news networks heaped praise on Soleimani as if he had done wondrous “acts of kindness” when quite the opposite was the case.  They have made him into some sort of hero that was worshiped by his people.  This was a man directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths and dismemberment of thousands of soldiers and civilians.  The Iranian leadership staged massive demonstrations at his death and funeral in a display meant to tell the world how this killer was loved by the Iranian public.  Once again the opposite was actually true.  He was hated and feared by average Iranians and he had coordinated the killing of people in Syria and Iraq as well as his own country.  He was responsible for the attack on our embassy in Baghdad and apparently was planning additional attacks on this and other embassies when he was eliminated.  Despite the official line from Tehran, he was not on a diplomatic mission, but on a military planning mission.  The increasing Iranian influence in Iraq led him to believe that he could travel anywhere in Iraq in complete safety.  Our military forces are in Iraq to stop terrorism and that is exactly what this drone strike accomplished.  As the leader of terrorist militias, he was been considered as dangerous as Al Baghdadi and Osama Bin Laden.   One of the key principles of military warfare is to eliminate the military commanders if the opportunity arises.  If and when you kill a military leader you destroy morale and disrupt the planning and coordination of attack plans in the works.  Anti-Trump critics argue that Soleimani will quickly be replaced, but his death created doubt and fear within the terrorist leadership and may have temporarily stalled any military operations.  I’m confident that any other president would have been roundly applauded rather than criticized for eliminated one of the greatest mass murderers since Adolph Hitler.

Freedom and self-determination are basic human desires.  The only way to stop people from demanding these basic desires is to jail or kill them.  Iran and other repressive regimes employ such methods (death or imprisonment) with regularity.  Iranian citizens are no different than citizens in other countries but unlike Western nations, they risk their lives when they protest government policies.  Our European allies need to come to the realization that the Iranian leadership is tyrannical and willing to do anything necessary to remain in power.  They can’t be trusted to follow the nuclear pact the U.S. and other nations negotiated.  As the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, the current Iranian leadership must be monitored on a number of levels.  Trump’s tough sanctions will only bring about better behavior if everyone enforces them, including Russia and China.  A nuclear-armed sponsor of terrorism is a threat to all of humanity.

Evil Doers

Although they officially have denied it, Iran shot down a civilian airliner with 176 passengers shortly after takeoff.  The Iranians have denied that the plane was shot down and have blamed the crash on engine malfunction.  They have reported that the airliner was attempting to turn around when it went down.  We have satellite images that show the launching of the two surface-to-air missiles responsible for downing the plane.  There were over sixty Canadians onboard the plane and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accepted the explanation that this was an accidental event.  Even some in the American media are willing to accept that this was a accident given the fact that Iran was on “high alert” and had just launched a missile attack on American bases in Iraq.  I don’t buy this reasoning  for a number of reasons.  This was a civilian airliner that had just taken off and was gaining altitude.  If this were an American or allied plane in attack mode it would be loosing altitude and ENTERING Iranian airspace.  An attacking plane would not be in communication with the airport and would make every effort to be in a stealth mode so as NOT to be detected.  Military planes would also have a different profile on radar than a civilian plane and not be mistaken by an experienced radar technician.  This was an intentional takedown of a civilian airliner and the only question that needs to be answered is why?  Perhaps the Iranians want Trump to be blamed for initiating all the hostilities.  It appears they have already been successful in that respect because some politicians are blaming President Trump directly or indirectly for the incident.  With the sympathies already expressed over the death of Soleimani, it comes as no surprise that many politicians and the media are quick to blame the President for the murder of 176 innocent civilians.  Trudeau is equally gullible to believe a terrorist regime over a strong ally and our intelligence.

The Iranian regime has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they are barbaric and willing to kill their own citizens to maintain control, of both the religious and secular components of their society.   I like what the President is trying to achieve, but I’m skeptical that the Iranian leadership will ever be willing to join the civilized world.  As the old expression goes, “a tiger can’t change its stripes.”  I put the chances of Iran changing its ways on the same level as the tiger and its stripes!  The only hope would be if the people could completely overthrow the government in power and start over.  I suppose we can hope, but for now the President’s policy of maximum pressure through economic sanctions is working.   The Iranians see hope in Congressional partisanship and the attacks on Trump.  We shall see in November who prevails.

Kaepernick Kraziness

Colin Kaepernick (the great American patriot) could not resist the temptation to add his commentary and opinion to the killing of terrorist Qassam Soleimani.  Kaepernick has one of the most arrogant, abrasive personalities that I’ve ever seen, yet he wants to blame all of his woes (and much of the world’s woes as well) on racism.  His response to the Soleimani killing was, “There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the expansion of American imperialism.”  Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of over 600 American service members and countless other people within Iraq, Syria and even his own country.  If anyone deserved to die, this man deserved to die a slow and painful death.  I know racism still exists in America but some (apparently Colin is among them) want to blame all their failures on the racist actions of others instead of a personal lack of commitment and hard work.  Colin has lived a privileged life and has sacrificed NOTHING for the good of his country or others.  He is a selfish, self-absorbed narcissist who has achieved more wealth and fame than 99% of Americans, yet he complains about America.  I’ve got news for Colin, poverty and imperfection are not limited to any given skin color.  Many Caucasians do not achieve success in life, so what is responsible for their failure?  There are many factors that determine a person’s qualifications for a position.  Apparently Colin blames his inability to land a position with an NFL team on his political positions.  As a quarterback Kaepernick may have the raw skills yet lack the leadership traits necessary to be a successful NFL quarterback.  Who wants to play with a selfish, arrogant jerk?  As an employee of a company or a team, you don’t get to make up the rules.

I personally don’t care whether Colin ever plays football again.  My issue with him is the lack of respect for our flag and national anthem.  Our flag represents all the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms.  I served our country in uniform and was fortunate to not make the ultimate sacrifice.  Those of us who are survivors honor our brothers and sisters who didn’t return home to their loved ones.  Gold Star families have suffered an irreplaceable loss and they are the ones most offended when Colin and others disrespect the flag.  The 1% who volunteer for military service know that death is a risk, but feel that freedom is worth the price.  If Colin hates our country so much (and America is so racist), why doesn’t he emigrate to another country? We don’t force people to serve in the military and anyone who hates America shouldn’t feel obligated to stay.  In fact we don’t need outspoken anti-American media figures like Kaepernick distorting the minds of young people about the morality of America.  There is a reason that people are risking their lives every day in an effort to reach America.  To quote an old expression, “Love it or leave it.”

Iran Hysteria

Iran launched 22 missiles at two of our military bases in Iraq as their “revenge” for our killing of one of the world’s most monstrous terrorists, Qassam Soleimani.  The Dems and media have denounced the President’s actions as leading us into war with Iran.  They seem to have amnesia when it come to all the terrorists that President Obama eliminated with drone strikes during his terms of office.  Senator Mitch McConnell had it right when he said, “Can’t we have just 5 minutes of support before we become political.”  Iran (as well as our other adversaries) must be amused by the fact that our politicians are so divisive.  How can we ever expect cooperation and bipartisanship in Congress with what we have experienced over the past 3 years?  I am not ashamed to call myself an American, but I am ashamed to be associated with the politicians in Washington.  Children are more civil and well-behaved than are the grown men and women in Congress.  The media is even worse, jumping to illogical conclusions and distortions to attack the President.  When I hear acquaintances say they have no television or cable I tell them that they are better off!  The Iranian missile attack was their face-saving response to the elimination of Soleimani.  It was not really intended to do any harm to American military personnel.  The President has clearly demonstrated to them the consequences of harming Americans.  Within days our forces could literally destroy the better part of Iran’s military and industrial base.  They DEFINITELY do not want war with us but they must look tough to a people who are upset with their leadership and an economy that is collapsing.  To think that 22 of their guided missiles are that poorly constructed as to miss any strategic targets would be laughable.  Iran intentionally avoided doing any real harm to Americans.  The key question is whether or not these actions will “bring them to the table” as the President wishes.  I think the answer to that actually lies with the Iranian people.  If they grow tired of sanctions and the deprivation they are experiencing under the current Iranian leadership, pressure may force the nation’s leaders to the negotiating table.

The wild card in the Iranian crisis could be the Russians.  They could be helpful or harmful in this situation.  I don’t see a nuclear-armed, radical government in the Middle East as a plus for the Russians.  Keeping the “nuclear family” small would give more individual power to each member of that family.  When too many nations possess nuclear weapons you lose leverage in international diplomacy and only increase the risk of a nuclear holocaust.  If enough pressure is applied from the U.S. and other major players (such as Russia) we can get Iran to behave in a more civilized manner.  We can all be grateful that we have a President who protects Americans and lives up to his words.  Electing any of the current Democratic candidates would return us to the Obama policies of appeasement that only encourages aggressive actions and leads Iran down the road to nuclear weapons.