COVID Misguidance

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that any “FDA approved” vaccines must undergo a thorough analysis by a panel of doctors and experts within the state prior to any distribution and administration to residents of his state. This follows a similar pronouncement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. These two Governors have completely mishandled the pandemic from the very beginning and large portions of their states remain locked down. Both states have had among the highest infection rates and death rates in the nation despite the severe restrictions on its citizens. Governor Cuomo forced hospitals to discharge infected patients into vulnerable nursing homes and then denied responsibility for the rise in deaths as a result. He blamed the deaths on nursing home staff, President Trump and anyone but himself. Word has it that if Biden is elected president that Cuomo will be appointed as Biden’s Attorney General. It’s inconceivable that such an incompetent individual could be the head of our Justice Department. For Cuomo and Newsom to reject proven science for a perceived political gain is unconscionable. Some of the greatest gains we have made in medicine over the past 150 years is in the area of public health and preventive medicine. With the discovery of microbes we gained insight into disease and learned how to best treat and prevent infections. The benefits of such knowledge were improvement in the quality and quantity of human life. Vaccines have also played no small role in doubling the lifespan of average Americans over that same period.

The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed spared no expense to develop a coronavirus vaccine as quickly as possible. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been closely involved in vaccine development. They have assured Americans that no shortcuts are being taken in an effort to “speed up” the process. Two COVID-19 vaccines are already being given in China and Russia. China is administering their own vaccine, Sinovac to health care workers and other “high-risk” individuals. The vaccine was approved for emergency use while still in a Phase 3 studies. Sinovac did produce high levels of neutralizing antibodies in test subjects during Phase 2 trials. Russia, which has suffered from a significant coronavirus infection rate, released their COVID-19 vaccine (Sputnik V) after limited Phase 2 trials. The Russian government has even offered to send doses of Sputnik V to the U.S. It was hoped that one or more of the American vaccines would be ready for distribution by the end of the year. Two of the four vaccines being produced in the U.S. have been paused (the Astra Zeneca and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines). This is an example of how diligent these trials are being conducted. It indicates that American Pharmaceutical companies will not risk the health and well being of American citizens. I’m confident that any vaccine approved by the FDA and CDC will be safe and effective. Once I am eligible to receive the vaccine I will be there! Governors Newsom & Cuomo have been total failures and this is yet another example. How many more of their respective citizens will be infected while their egotistical governors play chest pounding games?

Debate Bias

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years the MSM has been unabashedly biased against Donald Trump. Before he declared his intention to run for the presidency, Trump was beloved by the same people who espouse deep hatred for the same person. Trump is a self-confident, arrogant (at times) but highly successful businessman who was quite generous with his money. He donated to numerous charities and political candidates of both parties. He donated the use of his personal plane to transport sick patients for appointments. He allowed his personal plane to transport troops back to the U.S. from the first Gulf War. His altruism actually contributed to his desire to run for president. He believes in America and wanted to restore its greatness, but just the same he is hated by the elitists in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the MSM. The debate commission is the latest to reveal their anti-Trump bias by changing the format of the debates. When the second debate was changed to a “virtual” format, the President wisely cancelled. The moderator for the second debate, Steve Scully, was suspended by the network (CSPAN) for lying about having his Twitter account hacked. Scully was an anti-Trumper and would not have been a fair moderator at best. The third debate scheduled for October 22 in Nashville was to be focused around foreign policy. The debate commission has changed the format and added a mute button where only the candidate answering the question will have a “live” microphone. The moderator for the third debate, Kristen Welker, is a registered Democrat who traveled with the Obama administration and whose family donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates. That hardly makes her an impartial referee! Will the President be treated fairly during this debate? Even in the first debate it appeared that Chris Wallace was less than even-handed in his questioning of the two candidates. Although the President was criticized for interruptions, it was the only way he could ask Biden critical questions when the moderator wasn’t .

Foreign policy is a particular area of weakness for Joe Biden. Former Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, Robert Gates, has stated that Joe Biden was “on the wrong side” of every foreign policy issue. This was a member of his own team! President Trump has used our military strategically, and is bringing our troops home from unnecessary wars. Biden has proved to be a war hawk except when he should have done so. He recommended withdrawal of troops from Iraq leading to the rise of ISIS (the “JV team” as Obama labeled them)! Then the Obama/Biden administration did nothing to stop the barbarous torture and rape that took place under ISIS control. They left that mess for President Trump to clean up (who did so quickly)! President Trump realizes that we can’t be the world’s policeman but we can monitor and deploy elite forces with rapid strikes if necessary. We still have superior air power which minimizes the necessity to deploy ground forces. For a businessman, Trump conquered ISIS, bringing many of our troops home and has brokered peace between Israel and several of their Arab neighbors. If allowed to continue who knows what benefits we will see in four years?

Flawed Candidate

Only two weeks remain before the final vote takes place in a potential transformative election. It is an election matching two candidates with diametrically opposing approaches to government. President Donald Trump built a highly successful, booming economy on the “Reaganomics” theory of low taxes and few regulations. The Republican approach believes in smaller government and more individual freedom. This type of mindset encourages responsibility and encourages entrepreneurship under an atmosphere of less government interference. Countless small businesses, including many minority-owned ones, were successfully started under such a business-friendly environment. Until the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s philosophy seemed to be working and unemployment was at an all-time low. The Democratic philosophy, on the other hand, believes in big government, high taxes and excessive regulation. Under the Obama/Biden administration this philosophy was responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas and closed thousands of factories in the U.S. American businesses can’t compete when they are heavily taxed and burdened with heavy regulations and restrictions that are not shared by other nations. Many manufacturing jobs returned to the U.S. under President Trump but could flee once again under a Biden administration. If a President Biden is coerced into passing the socialist programs of Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, taxes will necessarily be raised significantly on ALL Americans. There is NO free lunch and not enough “wealthy” to pay for all the “freebies” promised under socialist ideology. All of us will be taxed in some form to pay for the “free health care”, “free college” and other promises. As British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism sounds good until you run out of other people’s money.”

After 47 years in Washington Joe Biden is most known for the two Crime Bills that he co-authored. The 1994 Crime Bill under President Bill Clinton was responsible for incarcerating countless black men and created a generation of fatherless families. Joe Biden believes he can count on the black vote but he had a reputation in the Senate of befriending segregationists and spoke at the funeral of West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd who was a prominent member of the Klu Klux Klan. Biden also opposed school bussing for the sole purpose of school integration. Today he continues to refute the idea of charter schools and school vouchers that would offer better educational opportunities for poor and minority students. The Democratic Party has advertised Biden as a friend of minorities but an examination of his actions tells a completely different story. The media continues to paint President Trump as a racist when his actions have benefited the minority community more than the previous 8 years of the Obama administration. The media wants to sell Biden as someone who will “unite” the nation when his campaign speeches suggest otherwise. If the Democrats capture both Houses of Congress and the White House, I believe there will be retribution led by Pelosi, Schumer and Kamala Harris. Now we are beginning to see revelations about how he abused his office to obtain favored jobs for his son. The newfound wealth of the Biden family begs for an investigation. It is no surprise that China is wanting Biden to win the November 3 election. Joe Biden will be compromised in any dealings with China and probably Russia as well. It is certain that China owns Joe Biden and can command “favored” status in a Biden administration. Joe Biden is indeed a “flawed” candidate.

Thought Control

George Orwell in his frightening novel 1984 depicts a future society in which the population is under constant surveillance. Everything that its citizens are allowed to see and hear is controlled by the state (referred to as Big Brother). In the mythical Oceania you could be punished for not following the state mandated ideology. To keep individuals from straying “thought police” could take one into custody for thoughts outside acceptable boundaries. To express independent thought could be considered heretical. Conservatives feel that college campuses have become microcosms of thought control where only the most liberal points of view are expressed and tolerated. Some students have complained that their grades have been lowered for expressing a conservative point of view or one that is different from the instructor of the classs. North Korea is the nation that most embodies the principles in Orwell’s 1984. Every aspect of NOK citizen’s lives are controlled and they appear lacking in the ability to think for themselves. Many within our society (especially among the younger generation) are increasingly dependent on social media. What we are seeing is an increasing tendency for the two major players (Twitter & Facebook) to censor and block posts that the companies find objectionable. The criteria as to what is “objectionable” is completely up to their own discretion. Many conservatives have complained that their posts have been blocked while many radical Islamic posts with hateful messages are allowed to remain. President Trump has suggested that Congress look at changing or removing Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that provides immunity from liability for internet providers who publish information that is provided by third-party users. Section 230(c)(2) also protects providers from liability for removal or “moderation” of material they deem obscene or offensive, if done in good faith.

This has become a poignant issue with the discovery of emails on a Hunter Biden laptop computer that was never claimed at a computer repair store nearly two years ago. The emails document Hunter’s involvement with numerous business executives in the Ukraine and China. Hunter was paid millions of dollars to sit on the Board of the energy company Burisma. With no experience or qualifications in the energy field, Hunter was hired for a position that paid him millions of dollars. Obviously Hunter was selling his father’s position to land lucrative positions in both the Ukraine and China. Hunter’s father was not only vice-president but he could control foreign funds to the Ukraine. When a Ukrainian investigator began looking into Burisma and their dealings, Biden ordered that the investigator be fired or the U.S. funds would be held back. The investigator was fired before he could expose the corrupt practices that included the Biden family. The New York Post expose was censored by Twitter and Facebook, another obvious display of liberal media bias. All the major media sources are attempting to sway the election by distorting facts and controlling what we see. Although written nearly 75 years ago, 1984 is coming to pass . If the Democrats win control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, they will stifle conservative thought even further. We will no longer be a free society with freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Mark my word!

Media Hostility

It’s no secret that the media has been biased against Donald Trump since he first announced his candidacy in 2015. October 15, the original date for the second presidential debate, instead became a night of “dueling” town halls. It seems that even the debate commission is biased against the President as they changed the format of the second debate to a “virtual” debate. The official excuse was over concern that the President might still be contagious. The President’s personal physician stated that the President was no longer contagious and had completed all of his medication. The President refused this format as it would potentially give Joe Biden an opportunity to use a teleprompter. The fact that the President could appear in a town hall format with an audience indicates that the original debate could have taken place as scheduled. The NBC moderator, Savannah Guthrie, belied her role as a moderator and acted more like a criminal prosecutor. She spent the greater part of the first thirty minutes aggressively questioning the President. The media believes that the President is a racist so straight away Guthrie hammered the President on that supposition. She asked why he (Trump) hesitated to reject white supremacy. Candidate Donald Trump rejected David Duke’s support in 2016 and has rejected every white supremacy group on numerous occasions since. The media refuses to accept these rejections and still believes the President to be a racist at heart. Ironically the President has gained support among black men and some estimate that he could receive as much as 30% of the black vote in this election. Other than his standing as a Democrat and vice-president to Barack Obama, Joe Biden has done little to help the black community in his 47 years in Washington. As President, Donald Trump was able to push through prison reform, help the passage of a bill to permanently fund HBCUs to the tune of $250 million/year and promoted opportunity or “enterprise” zones in poor inner cities to create jobs and improve the lives of poor communities. President Trump has been a huge proponent of school choice and school vouchers. Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants to eliminate charter schools and strengthen the public school system because he is beholden to the teachers union.

While Joe Biden was once again getting a “friendly” audience and a calming moderator in George Stephanopoulos the President was being grilled by a hostile Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie went after Trump’s personal income taxes and Stephanopoulos brought up how Biden’s DOJ would have handled Trump’s obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation was based on a corrupt dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and bogus FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. It also indicates how corrupt our top police force (the FBI) was to have been in on the scheme. The Democrats should hope that the Mueller investigation is never heard from again! This was a huge disgrace to the Democratic Party and the FBI. Town halls should focus on topics most important to the voters: the economy, law & order and the coronavirus. Guthrie was on a mission to expose and embarrass the President. The audience at her town hall was permitted to ask a total of ten questions while Guthrie herself asked forty-three questions of the President. The President seemed to take it all in stride; he is used to being under assault. Guthrie was downright disrespectful and insulting. She would never have spoken in this manner to Barack Obama or even George Bush. True patriots love this president because he is willing to take whatever abuse the media dishes out as part of the job!

End of Lockdowns

The World Health Organization (WHO) finally recognized that lockdowns were an ineffective method for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. David Nabarro, the WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19 stated that the organization no longer advocated lockdowns as a primary method of controlling the virus. Prior to the WHO issuing their statement U.S. authorities were already questioning the benefit (or lack of) from the original lockdown. Some politicians were suggesting shutting down sections where numbers of infections had spiked but no medical authorities were recommending any additional lockdowns. The initial “lockdown” was presumably done to prevent hospitals from exceeding their ability to care for the sickest of patients. Intensive care unit (ICU) beds are limited in every medical facility and many of the patients who were infected in the early weeks of the pandemic required ICU monitoring and care. To meet the demand temporary hospitals were constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers and two hospital ships were mobilized to heavily infected areas. The initial lockdowns did nothing to control the virus, but it did allowed time for doctors to develop treatment strategies and learn from the experiences of doctors in Europe and Asia. Survival rates today are significantly greater than in the early days of the pandemic. Ongoing research is producing new therapeutics and three promising vaccines that are in phase III trials (nearing approval). The Democrats believe they have a winning issue over the number of deaths due to the coronavirus. Most of the early deaths (and since) occurred in the elderly. Many of these individuals had comorbidities such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease. The number of COVID-19 related deaths in the U.S. has exceeded 225,000 thus far this year. A certain number of those deaths would possibly have taken place even in the absence of a COVID-19 infection. Putting the number of COVID-19 deaths in perspective the Journal of the American Medical Medical Association (JAMA) estimated that in 1990 tobacco caused 400,000 deaths, diet and activity (or lack of) caused 300,000 deaths and alcohol caused another 100,000 deaths. Lastly infectious agents resulted in yet another 90,000 deaths.

No one wishes to lose a loved one regardless of their age or the circumstances surrounding their departure. Many of our everyday actions carry a degree of risk but it is a part of our daily lives. Each of us will die some day but more Americans are willing to assume some risks of COVID-19 rather than living in fear. The coronavirus remains a serious threat and everyone should take appropriate precautions when in public settings. It is comforting to know that many of those who do become ill are recovering quickly thanks to early diagnosis and aggressive medical care. This should be a time when all Americans pull together rather than divide one another along political lines.

ACA on Life Support?

From its inception the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly referred to as Obamacare, has been controversial. The bill’s architect was MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, an arrogant fellow caught in a condescending YouTube video. In the video Gruber remarked “the stupidity of the American voter” made it important for him and the Democrats to hide Obamacare’s true costs. Despite Gruber’s admissions of higher costs, President Obama and the Democratically-controlled Congress pushed through their controversial healthcare legislation without a single Republican vote. The legislation was so wordy and complex (well over 1,000 pages) that Nancy Pelosi stated, “we must sign the bill to know what’s in it.” President Obama signed the legislation into law on March 23, 2010. Obama promised Americans the ACA would lower insurance premiums and patients would be able to “keep your doctor and keep your insurance” if you were happy with both. None of Obama’s promises were kept as premiums doubled within two years, states lost insurers and few doctors were covered by the insurances available. Many states were left with a single insurer and even supporters of the bill labeled the ACA a “trainwreck.” Even the federal website where individuals were to obtain federally-subsidized insurance crashed repeatedly and cost millions of dollars. The most controversial aspect of the ACA was the “individual mandate” requirement. This mandated everyone to purchase government-approved health insurance or pay a penalty. The bill intentionally described the fine as a “penalty” instead of a “tax.” If the fine appeared as a “tax” to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the bill would not have passed. The mandate provision has been challenged in the courts and is on the SCOTUS docket next month.

Gruber himself admitted that Obamacare was designed to be a redistribution of wealth from the young and healthy to the old and unhealthy. Most young individuals don’t feel the need for health insurance and would rather pay a fine than procure an unnecessary policy. Another mistake in the Obamacare rules required individuals to purchase comprehensive health insurance plans rather than more limited policies. Comprehensive plans carried higher premiums than more focused and individualized plans. The individual mandate has been challenged in the courts but was upheld in the Supreme Court by a 5-4 margin on June 28, 2012. Thanks to President Trump and a Republican Congress the fine on the individual mandate was reduced to zero by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. On November 10 the Supreme Court will hear an appeal on the ACA that is being led by 21 state attorneys general who would like to invalidate the entire ACA. If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to the Supreme Court in time, she will sit in on the case. Conservative members of Congress are hoping on a ruling in their favor but she has already stated that she will judge every case based on its Constitutional merits. The ACA isn’t the only healthcare insurance available to average Americans. Republicans offered a healthcare plan several years ago that was defeated by a single vote in the Senate, John McCain. The U.S. has the best care in the world and there is no reason that we can’t make it available to everyone.

The Real Joe

One of the monumental accomplishments of the Trump administration is achieving energy independence. I remember the Carter administration Arab oil embargo that took crippled our economy and led to inflation and President Carter’s demise. I recall gas lines that wrapped around city blocks and the rationing of gas. Everyone is aware of the volatility in the Middle East and it is no small feat that we are free of our dependence on that region for ANY of our energy needs. We not only supply all of our own energy needs but we are now exporters of liquified natural gas (LNG) to many European nations. President Trump has strategically agreed to supply LNG to many Eastern European nations such as Poland as well. President Trump has made an effort to strengthen our ties with Poland and other nations in the region allowing them to decrease their dependence on Russia. The U.S. would be a more reliable source of fuel than Russia and one that would not resort to economic blackmail to impose their will in the region. The President is shifting U.S. and NATO resources from Germany to Poland as a hedge against Russian incursion. For a businessman with no political experience, this president has been a shrewd foreign diplomat. He was also shrewd enough to help broker peace between Israel and two of its Arab neighbors, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Despite his numerous accomplishments, the MSM have yet to offer anything other than criticism to a man deserving of a better fate.

The Biden campaign is playing defense and trying to “run out the clock” with a comfortable lead in the polls. Apparently Joe hasn’t learned anything from the last presidential election. In 2016 all the polls had Hillary Clinton with a large lead weeks before the election. Both Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are refusing to answer the difficult questions that voters have a right to know. Yesterday Joe said that the American voter doesn’t deserve to know his position on “packing the Court” until after the election. He has gone silent on other issues as well but has stated in the past that he is in favor of defunding the police and wants to end fracking and “phase out” fossil fuels altogether. It is impossible to supply all of our energy needs with renewable sources of energy. As our population grows and technology increases, our energy requirements will grow as well. It is ludicrous to believe we can meet those needs with renewables. Suburban women may not be pleased with the President’s personality, but he will keep your neighborhoods safe, the economy growing and our nation safe from foreign adversaries.

Plead The 25th

The latest effort by Nancy Pelosi to remove Donald Trump from office is her effort to invoke the 25th amendment. The 25th amendment permits removal of a president if the vice president and a majority of the current Cabinet feels that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties” of the presidential office. In the event the president disputes the effort, Congress can order the president’s removal by a two-thirds vote in both chambers. The amendment also delineates succession to the office should the president leave office before his term is completed. The vice president assumes the position of acting president in situations when the president is temporarily incapacitated such as when undergoing surgery. The Speaker is apparently concerned over potential side effects from the medications that the President is currently taking. The President completed his course of remdesivir but remains on corticosteroids to prevent the often fatal immune response known as “cytokine storm.” The President was on a treatment regimen that included high-dose famotidine, zinc, vitamin D and aspirin. It is unclear what medications he continues to take and at what dose, but every medication has potential risks and side effects. Prolonged, high-dose corticosteroids (dexamethasone) could produce electrolyte imbalances and contribute to abnormal behavior. Some patients may become confused or agitated while on “steroids” or subject to wide mood swings. If the President is still taking a high-dose of famotidine the potential side effects of this medication include anxiety, irritability and hallucinations. Not every patient taking a medication will experience side effects, in fact most side effects are predicted to occur in 1-5% of patients. The advanced treatment that the President received was a result of Operation Warp Speed that financed research into the treatment of the coronavirus and development of a vaccine. Rather than praise the MSM (as usual) offered only a healthy dose of criticism.

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats failed to bring down Donald Trump with both a bogus Russia collusion hoax and a majority-led House impeachment. Perhaps she believes that “the third time is the charm” so Speaker Pelosi is now pushing the 25th amendment as a means of removing Donald Trump from office. On his worst day, Donald Trump is far superior to Nancy Pelosi (and any other Democrat) to the task of the presidency. I hope American voters are wise enough to see through this charade from the party seeking power by whatever means. President Trump built the greatest economy in history, restored our military to world class rank and helped to negotiate peace among Middle East nations. If not for the constant negative coverage in the MSM and the attempts of the Democrats to undermine his administration there is no limit to where we could have gone. The coronavirus undid much of the domestic growth agenda of his first term. Jane Fonda called the pandemic a “gift” to the Democrats since the President has been blamed for the 200,000+ deaths regardless of his efforts. Democratic governors allowed COVID-infected patients into vulnerable nursing homes and then deflected responsibility for those actions to the President. Early in the pandemic the President invoked the War Powers Act to increase production of personal protective equipment, ventilators and temporary hospitals. He mobilized two hospital ships and sent one to each coast for overflow patients. The Democrats have shamefully capitalized on a tragedy for their own political gain. They have used the pandemic as a critique on the entire Trump presidency when Biden has never been tested to this same degree. Crises are supposed to bring out the best in people, but this has shown the evil that lives in the Democratic Party.

Democrat Sham

It appears there may not be any further presidential debates after President Trump refused to participate in a “virtual” debate. I can’t blame him knowing that Joe Biden will have the advantage of coaching, cue cards and possibly a teleprompter with no one monitoring him. Neither debate monitor has yet to ask Biden or Harris difficult, pertinent questions and there is no reason to believe that will change in the remaining two sessions. The MSM seems to be working with the Biden/Harris team to defeat Donald Trump in his bid for a second term. Despite the many accomplishments of President Trump in a term that has had to work while fighting off a corrupt FBI that had spied on the Trump administration and launched a 2 1/2 year, $30 million Russia investigation (finding NO collusion). If that were not enough, a Democratic-led House impeached him on another bogus charge. Never in my lifetime have I seen such widespread contempt for a president who loves his country and is truly “making it great” once again. Donald Trump restored our rightful position both economically and militarily as a leading power in the world. It is my opinion that the coronavirus was China’s attempt to eliminate America’s threat to China’s world dominance. The pandemic was no accident and it is playing into the hands of the Democrats. It is ludicrous to suggest that Joe Biden would have handled the pandemic any better than President Trump. Biden was opposed to the travel ban from China that the President imposed at the end of January followed by the ban on flights from Europe. Biden called the President xenophobic and a racist for the China ban. In the early days of the pandemic daily Task Force briefings (along with their recommendations) were given. For the most part Trump followed their advice closely but masks were NOT recommended initially.

The President invoked the Defense Production Act to produce Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilators and medications. The Army Corps of Engineers built temporary hospitals to treat the overflow of patients and two hospital ships were quickly mobilized and sent to high volume cities on each coast. What more could the President have done? I don’t think Biden would have had the business knowledge to mobilize such resources as rapidly. Anyone else would have received high praise for his actions but Donald has been given nothing but criticism since he first announced for president. The recent treatment for COVID-19 that the President himself received is a testament to the progress we have made since the pandemic first reached the U.S. We will soon have one or more vaccines ready for distribution in record time thanks to President Trump’s persistence. He ran for president because he loves his country and he believed that he could be of service. I can’t say the same for the egotistical journalists who constantly refuse to give any kind words to a true patriot. Just why do you think Trump has such a loyal following? The President’s loyalists are devoted to him because they believe in his love of America. To say Biden would have done a better job in managing the coronavirus is a Democrat sham!