Are They Safe?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have temporarily halted the administration of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19, one shot vaccine. This was a precautionary measure after six women reported blood clots. One of those women died from the clot and another is still in critical condition. Since receiving emergency use authorization (EUA) some 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been given. Even assuming these blood clots ARE related to the vaccine, it is still extremely rare. We have a greater risk of being struck by lightning than having a blood clot from the J&J vaccine. Blood clots were also reported with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine that was being given in Britain and the European Union. By March 22 there had been 86 reported cases of individuals with abdominal or cerebral blood clots within two weeks of receiving the vaccine. Both vaccines utilize an adenovirus as a vector to insert the necessary genetic instructions for antibody production against SARS-CoV2 spike proteins. That common link could provide a clue to what is triggering the clotting reaction if associated with the vaccines.

The clotting environment in these patients was accompanied by low platelet counts (thrombocytopenia). The cases resembled a rare syndrome that is sometimes triggered by the administration of heparin and is referred to as heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Heparin is negatively charged and binds to the positively charged platelet protein factor 4 (PF-4). The heparin/PF-4 complex is attacked by IgG antibodies which then activate platelets. Once activated platelets aggregate and form clots. If discovered in time, treatment consists of alternate anticoagulants (other than heparin), particularly factor Xa inhibitors. In addition IVIG (intravenous immune globulin) may effectively bind the platelet activating antibodies. Those patients in the U.S. who have experienced blood clots suffered a particular type of blood clot, a cerebral venous sinus thrombus. In this condition the veins that drain blood from the brain become obstructed with a blood clot producing symptoms of headache, visual changes, stroke-like symptoms or seizures. The women affected thus far have been between the ages of 18 and 48 and symptom onset took place between days 6 and 13 post vaccination. Although the reaction is extremely rare, anyone receiving the J&J vaccine should report symptoms of headache, visual difficulties or stroke-like symptoms to their doctor immediately. The CDC and the FDA will thoroughly investigate the cases that have occurred to determine if there could be a cause/effect relationship before resuming immunization with the J&J vaccine. In the meantime the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed by a completely different method and have not experienced any of the adverse reactions seen with the Oxford-AstraZeneca or the J&J vaccines. Both of these have a 95% effectiveness and are proven safe to date.

Follow The Polls

President Biden and the Democratic leadership are pushing massive spending bills along party lines claiming they are simply “following the polls.” They are pushing an agenda and dressing it up much as the old saying goes, “putting lipstick on a pig” so as to make it appear presentable to a majority of Americans (or at least according to what pollsters have determined). I have never been an advocate of “polls” because you can manipulate a poll in such a manner to obtain whatever results you want. You can bias the wording of questions in a survey or you can bias the “randomness” of your survey audience. The Democrats seem to have mastered the art of how to title a bill and then use the media to help them “sell it to the public.” The recent “Coronavirus Relief Bill” that forced the government to borrow another $1.9 trillion (that they didn’t have) for everything but coronavirus relief. There was extended unemployment benefits and $1400 checks for most Americans ($2800 for families). The remainder of the bill consisted of bailout money for “blue” states and wasteful pet projects that politicians famously slip into popular bills that they know won’t be rejected. Joe Biden and the other Dems emphasized the $1400 relief checks and not the other aspects of the bill so naturally most Americans would be in favor of its passage. We are creating a dependent society in which Americans will become dependent on government handouts. A welfare state serves no one’s benefit in the long run, destroying ambition and self-esteem. What we need most at the present time is to open our society and let Americans go back to work. If we continue on a path to socialism we are also on a path to destruction.

The current bill that the President and the Democrats are attempting to pass (strictly along partisan lines) is an infrastructure bill that is another cleverly packaged attempt to fool the American public. The infrastructure bill provides for less than 10% of the $3 trillion to actually go toward repairing bridges, roads and other typical “infrastructures.” Democratic politicians are now including child care, elder care and other social programs in their broad definition of “infrastructure.” The Democrats seem to be on a spending spree that will likely increase inflation and result in adding to the debt that will ultimately be paid by future generations. Polls will likely indicate that the majority of Americans are in favor of the infrastructure bill, not knowing what they are purchasing with their tax money. We need some sanity in Washington and I’m hopeful that the mid-term elections will restore Republican majorities to both the House and Senate. Hopefully that will restore some fiscal responsibility to Congress and minimize the damage from an irresponsible president.

The Origins of Covid-19

One of the first acts of newly-elected President Joe Biden was to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is an agency of the United Nations tasked with (as its name implies) managing the world’s health. They failed miserably one year ago in warning the world of the infectivity of the SARS-CoV2 virus that was causing serious illness in Wuhan, China. One year later a team of 17 WHO “experts” were permitted to investigate (under strict Chinese supervision) areas of interest in an effort to determine the origin of the virus that produced a worldwide pandemic. The team was joined by 17 Chinese scientists and were asked to evaluate several possible origins of the virus. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus criticized Chinese authorities for restricting the team’s access to certain areas. Criticism by the WHO Director is particularly telling since he was handpicked by the Chinese and most believe both Tedros and the WHO are tools of the Chinese government. The final conclusion issued by the WHO team failed to establish the origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus. The team suggested that following their probe there were many questions yet to be answered. The WHO team was handicapped by not being permitted to perform a thorough investigation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Additionally laboratory officials did not provide any documents regarding work on this particular virus or any similar viruses. The Chinese government strictly controlled which sites the inspection team was allowed to access and retained the right of censorship over the team’s final report. Under such limitations, the WHO team were unable to draw any definitive conclusions. The report included a rather revealing statement, “Scientific missions like these should be able to do their work under conditions that produce independent and objective recommendations and findings.” It appears in this study independence & objectivity was not allowed.

One of the proposed origins of the SARS-CoV2 virus was the Wuhan Seafood Market. The research team tested numerous animals in and around the market (including birds) for presence of the virus. Not a single positive test result was found in any of the animals tested. The Wuhan Market was originally considered to be the place of origin by the Chinese since half of those who were first sickened with the virus in December 2019 visited the market. The theory proposed by the Chinese was that the virus “jumped” from an animal species (bat), through an intermediary species (pangolin), to humans. If theri theory is correct the so-called “jump” would likely have occurred between mid-October and mid-November 2019. In their final report, the WHO team concluded that the least likely origin for the virus was a laboratory “leak.” This conclusion was based on a chaperoned visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and interviews with scientists at the lab. Records at the Institute did not suggest ANY research on the SARS-CoV2 virus and none of the employees tested positive for antibodies to the virus. The lab visit was fifteen months following the onset of the pandemic. The Wuhan Institute of Virology had ample time to destroy records and hire new employees. Why does China need a laboratory whose primary task is that of “gain-of-function” research? Gain-of-function is the means of altering viruses to make them more infectious and therefore dangerous to humans? Why does the U.S. provide funding to this laboratory? This sounds sinister to me and takes on the appearance of biologic warfare. All the major world powers have studied chemical and biologic agents for use in war. Perhaps our involvement in the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been an attempt to monitor China’s efforts in this arena. I will never be convinced that the virus was triggered by anything other than an accidental lab “release.” It very well could have been a future bioweapon that escaped before it had reached full lethality. This should be a wakeup call because the next virus could be even more deadly.

Gun Control

Following the recent shootings in Georgia and Colorado the knee-jerk reaction in Washington and elsewhere was predictable. Of course liberal Democrats are screaming for gun control legislation but now we also have the woke culture blaming “white supremacy” for senseless killings. Turns out the shooter in Colorado was a Muslim, but no apologies from the biased media who persist in white shaming. Who could have predicted that being white in America today would be a liability? The gun control issue has been a recurring message of the Democrats for decades. It is inherent in the Democrat’s philosophy of big government and suppression of individual liberties. The founding fathers recognized how important it was to retain the ability to defend oneself. The first amendment to the Constitution protects speech, assembly and religious worship. The second amendment protects our right to bear arms (firearms). The writers of the Constitution believed that right was second only to the freedom of speech and worship! Had it not been for the fact that every settler owned a firearm, we would probably still be a colony of Britain. Even today every man feels it his duty to protect his home and family. The best way to accomplish that is with a firearm. Firearm sales in the past several years have increased dramatically, especially since last year’s riots and the irresponsible calls to defund the police. If there are fewer police to protect us, we must be prepared to protect ourselves. The Hollywood elitists and legislators in Congress have their own armed security details to protect themselves. They can comfortably seek to disarm the average citizen when they themselves have nothing to fear. They are hypocrites of the worst kind!

The legislation that is being proposed is tightening background checks, banning “weapons of war” and limiting high-capacity magazines. This may sound reasonable to the average person, but it leaves too much to interpretation by whoever is enforcing the law. What is a “weapon of war” and how many rounds constitutes a “high-capacity” magazine? Passing either of these laws is subjecting gun owners to a slippery slope and potential gun confiscation. That is the ultimate gun owner’s nightmare. The founding fathers wanted citizens armed to protect them against the GOVERNMENT not some criminal in the middle of the night. We have more to fear from our own government than criminals in the street. Look what our government did to General Flynn, a decorated hero that was entrapped simply because he was a member of the incoming Trump Team. Most of us are in favor of tighter background checks, but even these are not perfect. People who shouldn’t obtain guns still manage to fool the system. These are some of the reasons “nothing ever gets done” according to frustrated members of the Left. Disarming a nation is the first step toward tyranny. Freedom-loving Americans won’t stand for it.

The Future of Covid

As more and more Americans receive the Covid-19 vaccines there is hope among many that life can return to a semblance of normalcy. Lest we begin celebrating too soon, authorities are warning us that 2020 was simply round 1 of our struggle with the coronavirus. Infectious disease specialists fear that the number of Covid-19 variants already discovered indicates a propensity for the virus to mutate. It suggests that we can expect more of the same in the future. The current vaccines appear to be effective against the U.K. and Brazil variants, but are less effective against the South African variant. When additional mutations take place the concern is that the current vaccines will no longer offer the same level of protection. Researchers believe that within a year the first generation of Covid-19 vaccines may no longer offer the same degree of protection that we have come to expect. Research has indicated that mutations are more likely to arise when vaccination rates are low, leaving the population vulnerable. Vaccines should be shared between the advanced and the developing nations where other factors (such as inadequate sanitation and poor nutrition) already places them at risk. Even when we have reached herd immunity in the U.S. and other nations, most authorities believe the coronavirus will remain with us indefinitely. These same authorities feel that we will likely need an annual Covid-19 vaccination (similar to the flu shot) based on the latest strains of the coronavirus. Whether pharmaceutical companies will need to reformulate a totally new vaccine or simply “tweak” the vaccines already produced must be determined at that time. The latest hot button issue is whether the government or any private business can require a “vaccine passport” for entry into sporting events, to fly on an airlines, or even to return to an “in person” work environment.

We live in a nation where our freedom to choose is guaranteed by the Constitution and that freedom should not be infringed upon by a business or the government itself. If challenged in court such requirements would likely be struck down. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already said that provided we wear masks and practice social distancing, the risk of infection is extremely low. Not everyone can take the vaccine for medical or personal convictions. It is discriminatory to prevent these individuals from participating in events simply because they have not been vaccinated. Once we have reached herd immunity through vaccination and natural infection vaccine passports are unnecessary. The “vaccine passport” debate is yet another instance of the woke culture seeking to divide Americans into two groups. The first group is the group that “believes in the science” and is willing to take the vaccine. The other group is the “science deniers” and refuses to take the vaccine. We should respect the choices of our fellow Americans and not be judgmental. The goal is to reach herd immunity and it is not necessary for everyone to be vaccinated to attain that goal. We are each free to make choices that are appropriate to our own beliefs and needs. That is the American way!

Thriving on Fear

The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky is spreading fear over a rise in Covid-19 infection numbers. She is encouraging a slowdown in the loosening of coronavirus restrictions and the President wants states to reimpose mask mandates where they have recently ended. Such Covid hysteria is completely unwarranted considering the level of immunization that we have already achieved. In previous Covid-19 infection spikes hospitalizations and deaths rose along with infection rates. With the most recent spike, however, we are not seeing similar trends in hospitalizations and deaths. The likely explanation in todays spike vs past spikes is we feverishly vaccinating adults, beginning with the most vulnerable (those 65 yrs of age and above). In many states we have already immunized a majority of the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. The current spike in Covid-19 infections is primarily among those under age 30 who have few symptoms and do not require hospitalization. With the number of individuals vaccinated and those previously infected (whether symptomatic or not) it is highly unlikely that we could see widespread disease. Even if the variants are producing many of the new cases, the U.S. is in a much better position now than it was one year ago. We have President Trump and Operation Warp Speed to thank for our improved situation.

The Democrats believe in big government and want everyone to be dependent on the federal government for guidance (even if that guidance is wrong). Americans reject the “big brother” scenario offered by Democrats and tend to be more self-reliant. Republicans believe more in individual responsibility and accountability. By promoting an atmosphere of fear, the President and federal agencies want you to “buy into” lockdowns and the ability of the government to control your every move. This is George Orwell’s 1984 come to fruition. The Covid-19 pandemic was the perfect opportunity for the Democrats to take over the government and take control of the average American’s life. While many businesses were forced to close and workers lost jobs, those in government continued to receive their salaries and live lavish lifestyles. To make matters worse, teachers’ unions kept children out of public schools. There was no reason for allowing our children to suffer when the science said they were NOT susceptible to infection. Schools in Europe were only briefly closed and private schools have remained open nearly continuously. Actual infection rates back up the science yet our children will forever be damaged by the coronavirus hysteria that led to prolonged school closures. Florida and Texas have shown us that there is no need to go back; we can continue encouraging all adults to receive the vaccine and open our economy.

Buying Approval

A recent survey gave Joe Biden a high approval (72%) on the current state of the economy and an even higher approval on the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic reminds me of a changing generals during a battle when victory is all but certain. The new general gets to claim credit for the victory but it was the initial general who drew up the plans and led his troops into battle. Biden said he had to “start from scratch” when he himself received two doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine before he was sworn into office (and Biden accuses Trump of lying!) I will give Biden credit for increasing the number of vaccination sites and purchasing more vaccine but Trump planned the battle and had victory in hand. The economy had been locked down in most blue states and even allowing them to open at 25% or 50% of capacity has resulted in a rebound from consumers tired of restrictions. The economy is set for a big recovery coming out of this pandemic simply from the fact that demand has been suppressed for over a year. The recent $1.9 trillion stimulus package is doling out $1400 checks to most Americans (among other spending). The Democrats are good at giving “handouts” to buy voter approval whether that be votes in elections or popularity in surveys. Reckless government spending creates an greater federal deficit (already near $30 trillion) that will lead to inflation and higher taxes. President Biden and the Democrats are proposing higher corporate taxes and perhaps a “wealth tax.” If you believe that the Democrats will only increase taxes on those making over $400,000/year, then you believe in the tooth fairy as well. There are not enough super wealthy individuals in the U.S. to pay for all the Democrats programs and the millions of illegals that Joe Biden is allowing into the country.

The initial tax rate increase will be to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to at least 28% and perhaps 35%. It was 35% under President Obama when companies began moving their businesses and jobs overseas where corporate rates were lower. Once President Trump pushed through the 2017 Tax Law that lowered corporate tax rates to 21% the U.S. economy exploded. Businesses moved their blue-collar jobs back to the U.S. and unemployment among all groups dropped to their lowest levels in our history. If not for the pandemic our economy would likely have continued to hum along at record pace. If not for the pandemic Joe Biden would undoubtedly not be our president. Americans will once again suffer when corporate tax rates increase. Jobs will be lost and businesses will simply pass on their increased expenses (in taxes paid) to consumers in the price of their products. Inflation will rear its ugly head because higher gas prices will also raise the price of food and everything else we purchase. I can already predict what that same survey will show a year from now. Joe Biden’s approval on the economy next year will be the reverse of this most recent survey. His approval, in my opinion, is already less than zero and he’s just getting started!

Undermining The Military

The Obama years saw the crippling of our military through progressive cuts to the Department of Defense portion of the federal budget. Many of our planes and high-tech weaponry were rendered useless due to poor maintenance and lack of spare parts. The military buildup that took place under President Trump restored our military capabilities, but will they once again be neglected under another Democratic administration? With a new Democratic in the White House we are seeing a new, potentially more harmful, risk to our military readiness. Biden ran his campaign as a “moderate” candidate but apparently that was nothing more than a big lie. The progressive wing of the party seems to have his ear and are promoting critical race theory throughout society. It is being taught in grade school and is now a mandatory part of the military indoctrination for new recruits. This sort of nonsense will undermine the cohesiveness of a fighting force where each soldier must rely upon the person next to and behind him/her, regardless of race. There is an expression among soldiers, “I’ve got your six.” In layman’s terms this means that each man or woman will be protecting the back of the person in front or beside them. To have an effective fighting force you must be confident that you CAN count on the individual beside you. To teach new recruits that we live in a systemically racist society and that most whites are racists is not only wrong, but dangerous. The U.S. has a dark history, but we have evolved as a society and are currently a long way from being systemically racist. Critical race theory suggests that one race may be superior to another race. There is no biologic evidence to support such an idea and it only divides us racially as a nation. If the military is to teach such garbage, then they may as well revert to segregated military units as we had back in World War II. Much of the nation’s social progress over the past century has been in the way of integration on a massive scale.

The military is the most colorblind section of our society. The ability to achieve rank and meritorious award is based solely on merit, without regard to race. Enlisted and officer training should focus only on military science and military strategy. The “woke culture” can stick to college campuses and corporate board rooms. I feel it has no place in a military that must rely on unity. Every race (and every individual) is unique but we are all created equally and are all Americans. Remember that as Americans there is more that unites us than divides us. Every fighting unit must remain cohesive and concerned for the well being of each member within the unit. Critical race theory will inject distrust in anyone of a different race from yourself. Including critical race theory in military indoctrination threatens unit cohesiveness and will weaken our ability to defend the U.S. against our numerous adversaries.

Battle Over Voters

The recent Biden press conference turned into a rant against Republican voter suppression. The President claimed that shoring up voter ID requirements were somehow modern-day Jim Crowism at work was ludicrous. The last minute changes that were made by the courts in several states that expanded mail in ballots and eliminated signature verification opened the door for widespread fraud. The Democrat statements that this was the most “secure” election in history is a joke. When thousands of ballots suddenly appear in the wee hours of the morning after “observers” have left certainly should raise concern. Such events took place in several states and miraculously turned the tide for Biden when he was trailing at the time. Nearly every court challenge was thrown out without being examined for various reasons. Our own Supreme Court admittedly refused to look at election fraud due to the fact that riots would take place if the election were to be overturned. Our judicial system is a disgrace! The red states are simply attempting to pass election laws to ensure that the events of 2020 do not take place in 2024 or ever again. If I were Joe Biden the last thing I would be bringing up is the Reconstruction Era and Jim Crowism. This disgusting period of racism was created by Democrats in the legislature at the time. They were resentful of the newfound freedom of slaves and the right to vote granted them by the 15th amendment. Rather ironic how the Democrats are always accusing Republicans of racism when not a single Democrat in Congress voted for the 13th amendment (ending slavery), the 14th amendment (granting slaves full citizenship) or the 15th amendment (granting newly freed slaves the right to vote). It was the Republican party who opposed slavery and the Republican president, Abraham Lincoln who emancipated slaves in the North. Lincoln’s election triggered the Civil War since the South knew that under this president the existence of slavery was going to be short-lived.

The President also attacked the filibuster as a racist procedure that is a holdover from the Jim Crow era. The filibuster was approved by Senate rule in 1806 (although seldom used before the 20th Century), long before the Civil War and Jim Crow laws. Senator Joe Biden benefitted by the filibuster when his party was in the minority. Now that the Democrats have the slimmest of majorities, Mr. Biden is interested in eliminating (or modifying) the filibuster rules so he can push through his socialist agenda. There is no shortage of hypocrisy within the Democratic party! As for voter ID, it is not an attempt to restrict anyone’s ability to vote. Proof of identity is required for making countless purchases and entries into secure facilities. I don’t hear anyone complaining that their rights are being infringed upon or that such requirements are racist. The right to vote is one of America’s most important rights and we should want to protect the security of elections and trust that the results from elections are accurate. Most states are willing to assist any voter who doesn’t already have a driver’s license or other form of photo ID to receive a photo ID suitable for voting purposes. If we are to be the world’s model for free and transparent elections, then we must verify that only registered voters are voting in our elections.

Rush to Legality

The Democratic-majority House of Representatives passed two separate bills this past week with the aim of legalizing the over 20 million “undocumented” or illegal aliens already in the U.S. That is not even taking into considering the approximately 4,000 illegals crossing the border EVERY DAY since Joe Biden threw down the “welcome mat” at our southern border. We know what the Democratic end game is to capture all these new “future citizens” as Democratic voters. They see Democrat majorities in federal and state government ad infinitum. One bill would grant immediate legal status and a pathway to naturalization (citizenship) for farmworkers and another bill would do the same for young adult “Dreamers” and other migrants in the U.S. under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS). If you consider migrant farm workers the bills to legalize Dreamers and TPS holders could apply to roughly 6 million people, according to the Migration Policy Institute. That is not ever considering the other 14 or 15 million illegals “in the shadows” who could suddenly seek citizenship under generous pathway to citizenship legislation. President Biden and the Democrats claim they are simply being more “humane” than the previous administration. The chaos and overcrowding that is taking place at the border is neither humane or caring. When Joe Biden announced that he would halt deportations and border wall construction he opened the door for unlimited border crossing. To make matters worse he ended agreements with Mexico and the Central American triangle countries to process asylum claims in their native countries. These agreements prevented asylum seekers from making the dangerous journey north when there was no guarantee of being permitted access into the U.S. Under the Trump administration, many asylum seekers were returned to their native countries or forced to remain in Mexico pending resolution of their asylum claim. By opening up the border Biden is enriching the drug cartels who exact a monetary fee for each individual seeking passage to the southern border. Physical and sexual abuse are often part of the cartel’s processing fee. Children are frequently sold to make “family units” since these “units” are less likely to be deported once they reach the U.S. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, admitted that “We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.” He admitted that we may see as many as 2 million illegal crossings this year.

Generous amnesty and citizenship bills will only fuel additional migration surges at the border. The media is complicit in the fact that there is little to no criticism of the President’s policy. Covid-19 hysteria was the focus of media attention for the past year yet they are now neglecting the dangers associated with largely untested illegals potentially spreading disease throughout the country. Few migrants are tested for Covid-19 and even when testing positive these individuals are simply released into the community. Reporters haven’t been allowed access into the migrant encampments and DHS said they will be providing video documenting the care within the camps. This sounds as if we will be provided a propaganda film. We are to believe whatever garbage we are fed by the government and be satisfied. This would never have been tolerated under President Trump; the media would have called him a dictator and screamed bloody murder. The media is owned by the Democratic party so they will simply obey whatever the Democrats tell them, whether that comes from the White House or from Nancy Pelosi. The situation at the border is being blamed on the Trump administration and decreased cooperation from Mexico. Never mind that we told Mexico that we didn’t need their help any more. The media will buy that narrative and cover for a pathetic President Biden. Those of us with a brain know better. Sorry Joe Biden but you own this mess!