Hollywood Narcissism

The Hollywood elite were on display at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony that was hosted by Ricky Gervais.  In his introduction Gervais spared no ego when he used sarcasm to point out how political Hollywood has become.  He emphasized that those receiving awards should accept their accolades, thank those who they feel obliged to do so and avoid any political statements.  Many pointed out the pained expression on actor Tom Hank’s face when implored not to become political.  Actors and actresses  attained wealth and fame by reading scripts composed by someone other than themselves.  Despite that they feel empowered as experts in the fields of politics and science.  They are particularly brilliant in the area of national security and seem to know how every international situation should be handled.  They also claim to be very knowledgeable in the realm of climate change and how best to “save” the earth.  The United States is moving forward with increasing use of renewable energy, but not fast enough for most of the doom and gloom Hollywood set.  Encouraged by the hysterical media, many actors and actresses are demanding a complete end to fossil fuels and immediate conversion to renewables.  All the while they are expecting upheaval in the lives of everyday citizens, they continue their own wasteful lifestyles of private jets, huge mansions and limos.  I’m not sure where the “12 year” end of world scenario originated, but there is no credible evidence that the earth has only 12 years left in existence.  People making those frightening predictions likely don’t have the scientific knowledge to make ANY climate statements.  I have a degree in Earth Science and could not begin to tell you where the earth is headed and will the end will actually occur.  Some scientists are extrapolating data gathered over recent years and decades and then attempting to predict future events.  Volcanos and other natural events can drastically alter our temperatures by blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.  The earth’s climate is fluid and over the billions of years of its existence, the temperatures have warmed and cooled.  At one time the earth’s vegetation largely consisted of tropical forests and plants.  Ambient temperatures were much warmer and cold-blooded dinosaurs ruled the landscape.  Then came the ice-ages when polar ice caps advanced and covered much of the earth.  Much of the North American landscape was crafted by these advancing and retreating ice sheets of that period.  None of us can predict with certainty the near future much less 12 years from now.

The Golden Globes Awards (and other Hollywood trophy extravaganzas) are nothing but ego trips for the vainest of the vain.  Gwyneth Paltrow once said that acting was like going to war.  What a joke!  It is so inconceivable that we honor Hollywood “heroes & heroines” for reciting lines in front of a camera.  We should be honoring the men and women who face real danger in the form of rockets and live firearm rounds to keep our nation free.  Whether we are talking of our military forces or the law enforcement officers who keep our streets safe.  Fox Nation recently had their First Annual Patriot Awards to honor the true American heroes who risk life and limb to protect us.  These TRUE heroes and heroines face death on a daily basis to keep us safe.  Most of what passes for entertainment today is trash and the people receiving awards for this trash are overpaid hypocrites.  It is a sad day in America when people who know little of nothing are convincing people they are experts in everything!

Deal Breaker

The Iranians just announced that they would no longer honor the nuclear pact that the U.S. negotiated with Iran in 2015.  The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization is already in the process of  further enriching the uranium beyond that granted under terms of the agreement.  This should come as no surprise as the Iranians had previously declared that they would be enriching above the levels outlined in the nuclear agreement.  The killing of the Quds Force leader, Soleimani was a convenient excuse for continued bad behavior on the part of the Iranians.  Anyone who believes that the Iranians entered into the original agreement with the intention of adhering to it is only fooling themselves.  The Iranian regime always desired nuclear weapons and the nuclear deal did little to slow their pursuit of nuclear warheads.  In the eyes of the Iranians, the goal of the agreement was to divert the attention of the United Nations and their Atomic Energy monitoring body.  Iran’s official position was that nuclear enrichment was used solely for medical and “peaceful” purposes.  At the same time, all their enrichment facilities were relocated to underground facilities deep within “hardened” mountain sites.  Why would peaceful nuclear development sites be relocated to hardened sites except to protect them from Israeli or American air strikes.  John Kerry and Barrack Obama desperately wanted a “nuclear deal” regardless of consequences to secure a legacy as world peacemakers.  In the process they succumbed to every demand made by the Iranian negotiators while including only the weakest of enforcement policies.  How can you have legitimate inspections of nuclear facilities when a 30-day notice is required and then military facilities are “off limits.”  We know Iran’s goals are military warheads therefore military facilities are the very sites that MUST be inspected.  When it came to national security, the Obama Administration was a joke.  So it makes little difference that the Iranians have announced that they will not honor the nuclear pact when they probably never honored it from day 1.

We are probably able to monitor Iran’s capabilities through satellite surveillance and ground level “chatter” from nearby locations.  It is in the best interests of all our allies in the region to keep a close watch on the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the region.  The Iranian regime only understands strength and fortunately we have a president willing to demonstrate that to them.  While the Democrats are saying that President Trump is leading us into another Middle East war, the President is following a proven American principle of “Peace through Strength.”  Waiting on Congress to act would place everyone in jeopardy.  Clinton and Bush didn’t go to Congress each time they wished to eliminate a terrorist or launch a targeted air strike.  The hatred for Trump needs to end and the love for America needs to emerge!


Red Line

President Trump had warned Iran that his “red line” was if and when American lives were threatened or sacrificed by Iranian actions in the Middle East.  The President initially showed restraint when one of our sophisticated drones was shot down and the Iranian Navy damaged or captured several oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.  When a rocket attack killed one American and injured several military personnel, the President ordered retaliatory air strikes.  On Sunday Air Force F-15E fighters attacked weapons storage sites and command posts manned by Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria.  This resulted in at least 25 fatalities leading militants to storm the American embassy in Baghdad, claiming they were “mourning” the deaths.  Their true intent was to overrun the embassy in a repeat of the incident that took place in Benghazi.  They were able to burn and destroy some of the outer areas of the embassy but unlike Benghazi, there were no casualties.  The President took immediate action sending 100 marines to the embassy and deploying an additional 3000 troops to the region.  Iran has exerted an increasing influence in Iraq and are encouraging those in power to push American military forces out of the country.  This would then give Iran complete influence over the country’s political and economic base.   As numerous military leaders have pointed out, Iran wants to establish a military “bridge” that extends from Iran across Iraq and Syria to the borders of Israel.  From there they could launch missiles and repetitive skirmishes against Israel.  Russia has assisted Iran with this ambitious goal for whatever reason.   I don’t feel we can completely withdraw from the Middle East because we must be able to monitor events on the ground and react with air strikes when necessary (such as the ones on Sunday).  With Iran becoming increasingly aggressive however, maintaining security for our military forces is critical.  We must keep countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey as regional allies to maintain a presence in the region.

Despite the ranting of the liberal media and Democrats, the elimination of Qassem Soleimani was important for a number of reasons.  Intelligence tells us that he was planning attacks to harm Americans as well as others.  Plus he is responsible for over 600 American deaths in the past as the leader of the Quds Force.  By taking him down it is a demonstration than no terrorist leader is safe from America’s reach and that you will eventually pay for your sins.  Although everyone fears retaliation from Iran, we have nothing to fear from the Iranian military.  In a showdown with American forces it would be “no contest.”  Iran is capable of inciting terrorist activities around the world however, and we must be on alert for terrorist activities.  We can’t allow Iran to intimidate us into inaction as we did under President Obama.  Iran ONLY understands strength and force and President Trump is dealing from a position of strength.  The Democrats and their allies in the media are cowards and thank God they are not the ones in power.  I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

Self Defense

Sparked by a tragic church shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas just over a year ago, the Texas legislature passed a law allowing church goers to carry firearms into church services.  The law took effect on September 1 and permits those with carry permits to bring their firearms to church services unless specifically prohibited by the individual church, mosque or synagogue.  The law was passed with the realization that churches are soft targets and we have seen past incidents in which shootings have taken place at houses of worship.  It is not every day that bad stories have good endings, but when a man pulled out a shotgun at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas and shot two parishioners, he was quickly neutralized by Jack Wilson.  Mr. Wilson is a firearms instructor and part of a security team at the church who was armed and took immediate action.  In a matter of seconds he secured an open shot and killed the shooter before he was able to harm anyone else.  Instead of praising this incident, liberals have criticized the fact that numerous members of the church drew firearms in response to the shooter.  What liberals don’t realize that gun ownership confers certain responsibilities along with it.  Most states require classes on firearm safety.  Although other parishioners drew their weapons (the first step in discharging a weapon) they did not fire off a round until they had identified a target and that no one else could have been injured.  Despite what liberals would like to believe, this is not the Wild West and we will not have shootouts inside of churches.  I have advocated for some time the concept of having one or more qualified, armed individuals at all church services.  In my opinion, there should be NO soft targets anywhere.  Shooters will always avoid a situation where they may be engaged by another armed individual.

I would always like to feel capable of defending myself, regardless of my location.  The founders of our Constitution believe similarly having known the helplessness when not armed in the face of tyranny.  Although situations may be different, but feelings of helplessness are the same.  I would certainly rather die in a blaze of glory than live by begging for sympathy.  It took Jack Wilson all of 6 seconds to respond to this crisis.  If church attendees had waited on police, the casualty toll would have been much higher.  We must be first responders and always be prepared for this type of situation when necessary.  Self-defense is the first and best defense.  I am not opposed to adequate background checks, but don’t take away my ability to protect myself or my friends and family.

Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

I am never surprised at the degree of amnesia and hypocrisy in the media when it comes to foreign policy.  They are openly critical of President Trump and his foreign policies on a number of fronts while forgetting or ignoring mistakes of past administrations.  For the first time in decades we are talking to the North Korean regime and nuclear testing has been halted.  Despite that the media is saying Trump has mishandled his diplomacy with Kim Jong Un.  Just what are the Dems and media proposing that we do?  The North Korean economy is being strangled by embargos on much of the exports and imports that that NOK economy relies upon.  If not for cheating by Russia and China (particularly with oil shipments), the NOK regime would be feeling the pinch even more.  We could bomb nuclear weapon and missile storage sites, but that would trigger a massive attack on South Korea as well as a response from both Russia and China.  We are left with few options and none of them are good ones.  If there were good options previous presidents would have already used them.  Trump is trying the old “carrot and stick” approach hoping that Kim would want his country to move forward with the assistance of American capital.  The people of North Korea would like nothing better than a peaceful relationship with the United States and access to American goods and culture.  Iran is another story, as many of their people have been indoctrinated to hate America and think of us as the “Great Satan.”  Iran is being squeezed economically as well and they are striking out in frustration.  I think President Trump has more flexibility in the use of force when dealing with Iranian terrorism since there is less direct Russia and China involvement in their activities.  Iran is less of a nuclear threat at this point in time and if we are to act decisively, now would be the time to do so.

Where was media criticism and concern for foreign policy during the eight incompetent years of the Obama Administration?  Obama tried to buy nuclear compliance by giving Iran pallets of unmarked cash under cover of darkness.  If this were a legitimate transaction, why did it take place by private plane in the middle of the night with unmarked cash?  At the same time John Kerry negotiated a “treaty” that provided Iran with a pathway to nuclear weapons.  This so-called treaty did not allow inspection of military facilities.  Where else would you expect to find nuclear weapons??  It was such a poor document that it wasn’t even presented to the Senate for confirmation.  As for North Korea I don’t recall any meaningful talks or actions under Obama to slow the NOK regime on their destructive path to nuclear dominance.  President Trump made the NOK nuclear program a priority when he first took office while Obama “kicked it down the road” to the next administration.  When it came to Obama, the media was blind, deaf and dumb (mostly dumb).  As with everything else, nothing this president does is right with the press and never will be.  I believe voters appreciate the President’s efforts and the fact that the recent attack on our Bagdad embassy did not become another Benghazi.  The more the media criticizes Trump, the more irrelevant they become and the more likely Trump will be re-elected to a second term.

Lying Liz

Elizabeth Warren appears to be the most desperate of the 2020 Democratic contenders for the presidency.  She is willing to go to any and all lengths to appeal to what are generally considered the Democratic base voters to get elected.  For many years she claimed a Native American heritage.  The Harvard Law School for which she was employed as a Law Professor, listed her as “Native American” on their affirmative action forms.  Harvard denies that her ethnic status had anything to do with her employment and that she was “resoundingly” hired by Harvard and four other law schools.  As far back as 1984 she claimed Cherokee heritage and was identified as “American Indian” on a State Bar of Texas form.  It was only after Donald Trump’s badgering and calling her Pocahontas that she submitted to DNA testing.  It was discovered that she had no more Native American heritage than most Americans.  She denies that this was an intentional lie designed to provide her preferential treatment in hiring.  In today’s PC culture, there is an effort to promote and encourage more diversity in politics and positions of power.  There would be some appeal for a minority candidate to voters and if that was her intent, then she is guilty of a more grievous sin.  Warren’s healthcare plans are another of her big lies.  She is proposing a single payer, government-controlled healthcare with the elimination of private insurers.  When questioned in debates and at townhall meetings regarding the cost she always avoids answering questions.  She likes to say that each person will pay less.  The government never runs anything efficiently and with no competition, costs will only go up.  Innovation and research will become a casualty of a single payer system.  Before considering such a system, we need to visit similar systems in Britain and Canada.

The latest lie that Warren is telling is that her father was a janitor.  In the past Warren has stated that her father worked in maintenance, but janitor sounds more “blue collar” to the Democratic base.  Elizabeth’s own brother has refuted that story and says that their father never worked as a janitor.  Elizabeth is a wealthy lawyer who owns multiple homes and is worth millions of dollars.  Despite those facts she wishes to look like a common blue collar worker who bashes the wealthy and wants to impose a wealth tax.  Elizabeth Warren scares me more than the other candidates because she appears ruthless in her pursuit of the presidency.  Her liberal campus mentality has spawned a plethora of radical, socialist proposals that will destroy our economy and our healthcare system to boot.  Her biggest lie of all is expanding the federal government and increasing our dependency on a nameless bureaucracy that doesn’t care one ounce for our well being.  Don’t fall for the old saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

God & Country

Editor-in-chief of “Christianity Today,” Mark Galli, wrote a scathing editorial in the latest edition of the magazine.  Galli appeared on Face the Nation where he was quite critical of the President.  Among Galli’s comments he said, “I am making a moral judgement that he is morally unfit, or even more precisely it’s his public morality that makes him unfit.  It is not my intention to judge him as a person but to judge his moral character.”  Mr. Galli is doing precisely what he claims not to be doing, he is judging the worthiness of the President based on some of the President’s actions.  Scripture says, “Judge not lest ye not also be judged.”  No man has the right to pass judgement on the value of a man’s character or morality.  A true Christian accepts another human being despite his/her sins.  Another scripture reads, “Let he among you that be without sin cast the first stone.”  The media was quick to run with this story since it cast the President in a negative manner.  Just like everyone else in the media, Mr. Galli is attacking the President based on what he believes is “appropriate” behavior given the President’s position.  As I have said many times, Trump is not the typical politician and that is part of his attraction to the average voter.  A true Christian knows that God does not expect perfection and is willing to forgive our indiscretions.  Rather than focusing in on some of the President’s behavior, Galli and others should focus on his accomplishments.  This president has done more to protect Christians (and religious freedom in general) than any other president in my lifetime.  Trump has appointed judges to the courts who are conservative and pro-life.  His two appointees to the Supreme Court have already left their conservative mark on decisions.  President Trump has pushed to assure the freedom of worship for all faiths during his presidency.  One of his first acts as president was to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.  Although he would like to see a Middle East peace, he continues to remain a strong ally of the Israeli state.  The President has spoken out for the protection of the unborn and has fought to remove federal funding for abortion services at Planned Parenthood.  No other president has been as strongly pro-life as Donald Trump

Christianity Today was founded by the Reverend Billy Graham yet his son Franklin Graham disagrees with the editorial and remains a supporter of the President.   Mark Galli is retiring in January and perhaps wanted to be remembered on his way out the door.  He will likely be remembered, but not in the manner in which he had hoped.  President Trump remains popular among the vast majority of Evangelicals with some 80% opposed to impeachment.  The editorial will likely cost the magazine subscribers at a time when Christianity is already under attack in much of the general media.  As a Christian I continue to support our President, knowing that I have said some regrettable things in my past.  If I’m accepted for my imperfections then I can live with the President’s imperfections.