The Sky is Falling

The environmentalists and hysterical liberals are acting as if the world will end tomorrow now that we have withdrawn from the Paris Accord.  First of all this was a “voluntary” agreement that made no provision for monitoring or enforcement.  China and India were exempt for over a decade from complying with emission standards.  Russia had already pulled out prior to Trump’s decision and this was not the first U.S. President to reject such an agreement.  George W. Bush backed out of the 1997 Kyoto protocol after taking office in 2001.  President Bush cited similar concerns as President Trump for his actions.

As a nation we have made great strides in clean air and water, even before the Paris Accord.  We all inhabit the same earth and it is in the best interests of everyone to protect and safeguard its resources.  We may be in an earth warming cycle, but it is unclear what impact man has had on that and how limiting CO2 emissions will alter that cycle.  There are too many interacting elements in the earth’s climate to accurately predict the future.  Ocean currents, sunspot variations, volcanic activity and plant life are only a few of the factors that could throw a wrench into the most intuitive climate calculations.   Climatologists have made dire earth predictions for decades.

Paris Accord or not, we will continue to develop renewable energy knowing that the earth’s supply of non-renewables is not inexaustible.  We don’t need the world to tell us the best path for our future.   The sky isn’t falling so the liberals and media need to chill out!


In Bad Taste

The scene of Kathy Griffin sobbing on camera made me nauseated.  She is alleging that the Trump family is bullying her and she has received death threats over her tasteless video of a decapitated President Trump.  What was she thinking??  She should be in jail for her behavior.  She is taking freedom of speech to a new, revolting level.  If someone made such a suggestion toward a member of my family, you can bet that I would be infuriated.  Ms Griffin has now hired a lawyer to “protect” her against the Trump family bullying.  Give me a break!  She needs a lawyer to defend her against future lawsuits.

The Left has lost its moral compass (if they ever had one).  The Chairman of the DNC feels it is appropriate to use profanity in a speech and other prominent Democrats show outright disrespect for our President.  Sadly the crowd cheered Tom Perez wildly, a display suggesting that society has lost its moral compass as well.  At a time when we find ourselves in a world on the verge of devastation, politicians are fighting among themselves instead of facing the demons at our doorstep.  All I can say is “God help us!”

Climate Climax

To no one’s surprise, President Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Like the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, this was an overreach by then President Obama to boost his own legacy as the world’s savior and to subjugate American superpower status.  I can only imagine the outrageous hatred that will be put forth by the news media and environmentalists toward the President.  This accord disproportionately penalized us with respect to carbon emissions while giving a free ride to China and other third world countries for many years into the future.  In addition we were to pay for these polluting countries to clean up their acts.  Just as we can’t be the world’s policeman, we can’t be the world’s banker either.  Americans would be paying millions of dollars more in increased costs to industries not to mention the loss of many jobs from the emphasis on carbon emissions.  I’m sick of scientists and Hollywood elitists who tell the average American to reduce consumption while they enjoy enormous mansions, large SUVs and private planes.  I know for a fact that Al Gore has a “huge” carbon footprint yet has made millions from his declarations of “global warming.”  According to Al the polar ice caps were to have melted by this time.  Good job Al.

The geologic record tells us that the earth has warmed and cooled over the millennium, long before man appeared on our planet.  Atmospheric CO2 has not always correlated with global temperatures.  It was only some fifty years ago that we feared “nuclear winter.”  This is the phenomenon that would occur in the event of multiple nuclear bombs dispersing tons of particulate into the atmosphere, blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the ground.  With hostile regimes in North Korea and Iran this is once again a possible scenario.  Volcanic eruptions would produce the same effect.  No one can accurately predict the future.  With all due respect to Steven Hawking I’m not looking to inhabit another planet in the near future.  This one will due for the remainder of my lifetime (and probably for many lifetimes into the future)!


Just Another Excuse

Hillary Clinton just announced yet another excuse for her November loss to Donald Trump.  She says the DNC (Democratic National Committee) was of no help to her and probably contributed to her defeat.  The DNC was on the verge of bankruptcy according to her and she had to infuse her own money into the committee.   Correct me if wrong, but I thought donations from major donors such as Bill Gates, George Soros and all the Hollywood elites went to the DNC.  The DNC and the RNC are supposed to be the “banks” for each party, handing out money to candidates on an “as needed” basis.  I really find it hard to believe that the DNC was broke at the time of Hillary’s nomination.

Of course the major boogeymen of Hillary’s defeat remain the Russians and James Comey.  She called the FBI email investigation a “big fat nothing burger.”  Are you kidding me???  If any of us had put classified and even “top secret” information on a private server we would be in jail or before a firing squad.  Thank God she did lose the election; I can’t imagine her leading our country.  American voters are smarter than given credit by the Dems who have always counted on the union and minority vote.  Poor Hillary was even disappointed in the female vote.  I suppose they were smart enough not to vote for her simply because she was a woman.   If we don’t learn from our mistakes then we are doomed to repeat them.  Guess Hillary never heard of that wise statement.

Press Beating

I watched Sean Spicer today at the Administration’s regular press briefing.  I feel a more appropriate description of these gatherings is a “press beating.”  Whether it is Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders or some other Administration official, the press approaches the opportunity as an assault on the President.  I never hear positive comments come from the press corps, only repetitive “gotcha” questions that attempt to embarrass the Administration and put the speaker on the defensive.  How many times can you ask the same question, with some minor variation?  I think the FBI or CIA could learn some interrogation techniques from the press.

I noticed that Sean Spicer took the “turtle” approach where he retreated into the safety of his shell by not answering most questions directly.  Instead he deferred to the State Department or the President himself.  I can’t blame him both he and Sarah Huckabee have been roasted for answers that didn’t agree with statements by the President.  These public floggings need to end and perhaps the President can give weekly or bi-weekly statements.  The press seems intent on printing innuendo and unsubstantiated leaks anyway.  Such headlines bring more attention and better ratings than the truth.  Truth has been a casualty of the recent the modern media.  They are intent on bringing down a president who was elected by the average American.  Attacking this president is an attack on Middle America and will ultimately backfire on liberals everywhere.  “Don’t tread on me” is not just a military motto but is a basic premise of our founding fathers.

Despicable Media

The Left and their compatriots, the media, has stooped to new lows.  Kathy Griffin, an employee of CNN posted a video of what appears to be a decapitated President Trump covered in blood.  Now she has gone on the air (after the fact) and apologized for her actions.  This behavior is inexcusable by any measure of civility.  Ms Griffin knew that her video was going to be interpreted with disdain.  She even joked about moving to Mexico to avoid jail time.  In my opinion, jail would be too good for this disgusting behavior.

American society can no longer be considered a refined, cultured society when media personalities feel free to perform these horrendous acts.  As Donald Trump himself tweeted, what is his young son supposed to think when he views this video.  Shame on Kathy Griffin and on a media that believes that this is political satire.  I can only imagine the hate-filled language that would have been directed against anyone doing this to Barack Obama.  As much as I disliked the previous president, I would have never entertained such a thought, much less an action such as this.

Relentless Attack

In their desperate attempt to discover an impeachable offense in the Trump Administration, the latest media target is Jared Kushner.  The media (cheered on by the Dems) has been employing the shotgun approach.  Anyone who has hunted knows that a shotgun is not accurate because its pellet load disperses in a non-uniform pattern.  Although not accurate, a shotgun offers a better chance of striking something than a single bullet round.  The shotgun approach however presents the possibility of hitting an unintended target.  For instance the call to bring in a special counsel may reveal the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton or others in the Democratic party.  By continuing to accuse different members of the Administration the media is hoping to actually uncover something with which they can build a case for impeachment.  Thus far, no evidence has linked Trump with Russian collusion and members of his team have done nothing that hasn’t been done by previous administrations.

When will taxpayers tire of the media witch hunt and the wasteful probes that will likely be fruitless.  I fear that the better part of the Trump presidency will consist of one ridiculous claim after another and a series of prolonged, onerous investigations.  If they can keep Trump on the defensive his initiatives will be delayed or abandoned.  The average American and our country as a whole will be the true victims of this witch hunt.