A Case for Renewables

As a conservative most liberals would think that I am opposed to renewable energy sources (solar, wind, water and geothermal).  I also happen to hold a degree in Earth Science and have a deep appreciation for our landscape and the wildlife that surround us.  I love the idea of generating energy from sources that are “infinite” and will be with us till the end of time.  Utilizing renewable sources of energy in a reliable, steady stream are still in an infancy stage.  We can’t count on sunlight twenty-four hours a day and the wind does not consistently blow within the narrow “efficient” range needed to generate energy.  Water and geothermal, although capable of producing steady amounts of energy, are not easily found in all parts of the country.  We can and should continue to develop our ability to tap renewable energy, but we must also count on fossil fuels as our backup.

Certain fossil fuels (natural gas and hydrogen) burn cleanly and efficiently without harming the atmosphere.  It will be many years before we can build cars and planes that operate exclusively on renewable energy.  We still require fossil fuels for most of our weapons systems.  This is especially true in isolated regions where we could be deploying our military forces in defense of our nation.  By fully developing our fossil fuel resources we decrease our dependence on foreign supplies.  Russia and the Middle East are unstable and energy supplies from these regions are subject to disruption or complete cancellation.  I believe that we should be good stewards in our use of natural resources. However we must not tie our hands with onerous regulations and outright restrictions on the use of fossil fuels.  We can not “carry the load” for the entire world when it comes to carbon emissions.  Every nation needs to do their part and come up with plans to reduce dependence on “polluting” energy sources.    We could revert to the Stone Age with our energy use and it would have little impact on the climate if other nations do not follow suit.

For our own national security fossil fuels must play a key role until such time that renewables can replace our essential energy needs.  Conservatives and liberals wish to achieve the same goal, energy independence along with a clean environment.  We are simply going about it in different ways.

Obamacare Reboot

The Affordable Care Act is officially an oxymoron with rising premiums and deductibles.  To make matters worse, the ACA (Obamacare) is being abandoned by insurance providers leaving much of the country without any private insurance options.  Perhaps this was the Dems goal from the onset; with private insurers disappearing we could be forced to become a single-payer, government-controlled healthcare system.  We need only look to our north at the Canadian National Healthcare System or to Britain for their government-run healthcare to see the disastrous way these systems operate.  Medical care is rationed under such a system and there are real “death panels.”  The prime example of rationed care is Charlie Gard.  Little Charlie is the British infant who was “sentenced to death” by a judge because there was no simple cure for his genetic illness.  The British system will not allow the parents to seek treatment in the U.S. or permit him to die at home.  Judges should not be executioners; such a system could be used to eliminate political rivals or other “undesirables.”

Those within the Democratic party who are pushing for a single-payer system will have their own separate healthcare.  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other socialists will not be covered under a government-run system.  Politicians, Hollywood elites and Silicon Valley will have their own healthcare system with every perk imaginable.  The average citizen, on the other hand, will wait months for appointments and years for surgical procedures.  The extensive Medicaid expansion under Obamacare was “socialized medicine light” and it is ballooning our federal deficit.  Full blown socialized medicine is a catastrophe, both medically and economically.

Republicans are attempting to pass a “patch” for Obamacare under the guise of reconciliation.  This prevents a bill pertaining to budget measures from being stalled by endless filibustering and can pass with a simple majority vote.  It appears that Senators Rand Paul and Susan Collins will not find any bill to their liking.  Therefore the Republican Senate can not afford a single additional defection.  We live in an imperfect world and there will never be a perfect piece of legislation.  I’m sure our founding fathers were not all pleased with the Constitution but it has served us well for hundreds of years.  Food, water and basic healthcare are essential human needs and if Congress fails to provide for the later, they will suffer the consequences.

Russian Addiction

Donald Trump Jr. just gave the media their latest Russian “fix.”  The media has been addicted to Russian collusion for nearly a year.  They can’t seem to get enough of any connection between Team Trump and Russia.  They have forgetten the intimate connections between the Clintons and Russia.  Bill Clinton received a cool million dollars for two speeches and Hillary sold the Russians 20% of our uranium supplies.  Don’t forget the Russian “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.  It appears the Russians were buying influence, but the news outlets overlook these events.  It is ironic how the media point out every Republican mistake while ignoring Democrat missteps.  The Dems are quick to use the terms “treason” and “impeachment” when referring to Republican behavior.  I would say that giving uranium to the Russians is more treasonous than talking with a Russian lawyer with no government connection.

Donald Trump Jr is guilty of trusting the Russians and wanting to help his father win the election.  Even in WWII Russia was our ally in name only.  Russia entered the war to defend their homeland and exact revenge for German atrocities on Russian civilians.  Following Germany’s surrender the Russians greedily divided up Eastern Europe and Berlin.  There is no greater nationalist state than Russia.  It would be nice if we could work with Russia on many of our world crises.  Unfortunately Putin can not be trusted and EVERYTHING that he (Putin) does comes with an ulterior motive.  The biggest crime that Donald Jr was guilty of is extreme naivety.

There is suggestion that Clinton worked with the Ukrainians during the 2016 election with the avowed purpose of uncovering dirt on Donald Trump.  Not surprisingly you won’t hear this story in the media.  They (media) are so obsessed with attacking Team Trump that they will completely disregard any Democratic indiscretion.  I fear the media addiction to Russian collusion will never end as long as Donald Trump Sr. is our president.  I also fear that the media will further polarize the country and paralyze Congress for the next 1200+ days.   The media has lost their moral compass and objectivity.

Brennan Bravado

John Brennan the former CIA Director used the Sunday program “Meet the Press” to become a political puppet of the Left.  He criticized the President for a number of issues regarding the meeting with President Putin.  First off he said it was disgraceful to state that their meeting was an “honor.”  Putin is the president of the 2nd most powerful country on earth.  How would it have benefited Trump or the U.S. to berate Mr. Putin before their meeting?  You don’t have any leverage in negotiating if you attack the other party before you start a discussion.  Insulting Putin would further destabilize an already unstable world.  Unless Mr. Brennan was present at the meeting he has no idea what was discussed.  The President was able to negotiate a cease-fire in Syria and perhaps other concessions from President Putin.  Those who have underestimated the President in the past have been proven wrong.

It seems if anyone is a poor negotiator it would be Mr. Brennan with that sort of attitude.  John Brennan turned a non-political intelligence agency into a political weapon against conservatives and Trump.  The Sunday news shows have become as biased as the other national news programs and are political forums to attack our President.  If Donald Trump was such a poor negotiator, how was he able to become one of the world’s true real estate tycoons?  You must, by default, be a good negotiator to accumulate Trump’s wealth.  Brennan is an embarrassment to our national security and our country. If I were Mr. Brennan I would stay out of the limelight and shut the F*** up!

China Syndrome

One of the most critical meetings in years was the one today between President Trump and the Chinese president.  It is not an exaggeration to say that China currently holds the key to peace.  At the present time North Korea is the most dangerous country on earth.  They possess nuclear weapons and are ruled by a leader who is itching to use them.  Kim is obviously insane, no reasonable human would be willing to use nuclear weapons.  There is hope in the presence of China.  North Korea is a puppet of China and the strings that control their behavior are money and trade.  China could end the North Korean antics by pulling on the appropriate strings.  Since the meeting with President Trump in April, the Chinese president has allowed trade between the two countries (China & North Korea) to increase by 40%.  That is after China promised to exact concessions from NK.  So much for promises!  No one will be victorious in a nuclear war and China shares a border with a country that will undoubtedly become a nuclear graveyard.  We won’t have to worry about climate change when the nukes fly.  In fact “nuclear winter” will take place from all the debris thrown into the atmosphere, blocking the sun.  With such a scenario temperatures will plummet and cold will be our greater concern (along with adequate food and water).

China has the ability to slap some common sense into the North Korean leadership.  The Cold War days are not just a memory when rouge nations (and potentially terrorists) have nukes.   We can not imagine the horrors of nuclear war and I pray we won’t have to experience it firsthand.  When the atom bomb was first developed an often repeated quote was uttered, “What has mankind wrought!”

Constant Assault

The media continues a constant assault on the President, attacking every move he or his family makes.  The latest negative reporting on President Trump is the fact that the U.S. alone is not pledging to follow the Paris Accord.  This is a pact that has no means of enforcement, exempts major polluters such as India and China and was also rejected by Russia in the past as.  The Paris Accord is symbolic and will do little to alter the world’s climate.  It punishes developed nations with fees and CO2 limits and gives a “pass” to developing nations.  Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps would have completely melted by this time and coastal cities would be inundated with sea water.  Al was basing his predictions on computer models and scientific “guesses.”  No human, including Stephen Hawking can accurately predict future global conditions.  Trump is refusing to accept the socialist views of Western Europe where the government is all knowing and controlling.  We can safely develop our natural resources and protect the environment at the same time.  We possess the technology to “walk and chew gum” simultaneously.

America became the greatest nation on earth, not because we followed everyone else, but because we were bold enough to go our own way.  I don’t feel we need to comply with every European initiative.  America always has and always will stand out from the crowd.  I’m pleased that the President didn’t allow other countries to dictate our behavior.  Trump is the forceful, independent outsider we elected to put America first and he is doing a bang up job!

Trump Triumph

The media has attacked the President from Day 1.  Actually their criticism began long before he won the election.  Donald Trump was labeled an outsider with no political experience and no knowledge of world events.  Although he had built a successful business record, they said he did not have the skills to be an international diplomat.  On the world stage President Trump has once again proven his critics wrong.  The Trump brand is a worldwide empire and the President has negotiated with world leaders for many years.  He knows how to be tough yet personable.  Everyone who has met President Trump feels he is an attentive listener and is genuinely concerned for the needs of others.  His charitable works go unmentioned by the media but he has personally helped civilians and military members with his generosity.

The meeting with President Putin today was productive, producing a cease fire agreement as well as other accomplishments.  The media has doggedly pursued the President on the Russian meddling in our presidential election last year.  According to those present at the meeting, Trump did confront President Putin on the issue.  Mr. Putin denied that Russia had interfered in our election.  Did you honestly expect Putin to admit that they had hacked into the DNC and some state voter rolls?  America routinely interferes in international elections and Obama (through proxies) actively tried to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel.  We are hypocritical if we are indignant with the efforts of other nations when we are guilty of the same behavior.  If we can’t protect our computer systems, then we should expect Russia, China and North Korea (remember the Sony Pictures incident) to hack into our sensitive data bases.

From all present at the meeting our President held his own against the experienced and confident President Putin.  The media has underestimated President Trump for over a year and should not be surprised by his accomplishments.  No matter how successful President Trump becomes during his presidency, the media will never give him any credit.  Confidence in the media has plummeted while confidence in the President has risen.  The only group with a lower popularity rating than the media is Congress.  Remember that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!