Anything Goes

Once again the Trump haters have shown that there are no limits to which they will stoop to attack our President in the name of “resistance.”  “Shakespeare in the Park” is the name of a play that depicts a leader being stabbed repeatedly by his entourage.  Although this is supposed to be a replay of Julius Caesar and his untimely murder by his enemies, the victim is dressed in a modern suit and tie and looks remarkably like President Trump.  This distasteful play is taking place in New York’s Central Park and is paid for by the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts).  This government agency was created by Lyndon Johnson and receives $146 million a year of taxpayer money.  The avowed role of the agency is to fund projects exhibiting artistic excellence.  Where is the artistic excellence in depicting President Trump being stabbed multiple times by his associates?  This depraved show of disrespect and outright hostility should not be tolerated.  The play should be shut down and the play’s directors accused of plotting to assassinate the President.

This is not freedom of speech or expression when you may be putting ideas into the minds of terrorists or mentally unstable individuals.  We have seen terrorist attacks involving stabbings and people who have been involved in these incidents don’t need reminders of their horrific experience.  Our society has sunk to a new low!

Cowardly Comey

The Comey testimony before the Senate Investigation Committee yesterday will be viewed differently depending on your political leanings.  An indisputable fact of the televised event is that James Comey is a coward.  As the top nation police agency, the FBI is supposed to be independent of any political influence, concerned ONLY with “justice under the law.”  The former FBI Director lacked the courage to stand up to Loretta Lynch when instructed to refer to the Clinton email investigation as the Clinton “matter.”  Then President Trump said he “hoped” Comey would “let it go” in the investigation of General Flynn.  In both instances the FBI Director failed to speak up or notify any other authorities to possible wrong doing.  Apparently Comey was concerned that he could lose his position as Director.   In yet another act of cowardice Mr. Comey “leaked” his personal memos to the New York Times through a third party.  Done as an act of revenge, he could be subject to legal ramifications if these memos were considered official government documents.

In his opening statements before the Committee Comey stated that the President lied when Trump said he (Comey) had lost the confidence of FBI members.  There was significant frustration within the FBI after investigators had uncovered extensive evidence of  the Secretary of State illegally storing classified material on a personal, unsecured server.  Despite the mountain of evidence incriminating Mrs. Clinton, the Director did not recommend indictment.  This single failure to indict Hillary Clinton destroyed the Director’s credibility and integrity.  After this unbelievable omission of justice the Director was living on borrowed time.  The ill-advised removal of Comey during the Russia Investigation made it appear that the President was trying to interfere with the probe.  If anyone was paying attention, Mr. Comey put to rest the media’s contention that Trump was under investigation for collusion.  Despite this reassurance, I doubt the media or the Dems will stop their insistence that the President is in bed with the Russians.

If you are looking for winners and losers from yesterday’s testimony:  winner – President Trump, losers – James Comey and Loretta Lynch.  The media reminds me of a dog chasing its tail.  They will never catch what they are looking for, but are unwilling to stop!

Reap What You Sow

Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.  They willingly fund and arm terrorist organizations and have now allied themselves with the Russians in the Middle East.  Iranians are now supposedly fighting the terrorist group ISIS in Syria.  The truth is more likely that they are fighting the rebels attempting to overthrow Assad.  Seems the Russians have a vested interest in keeping Assad in power.  In a strange turn of events ISIS has claimed credit for two terrorist attacks in Iran.  This is the first such admitted attacks in Iran since the rise of ISIS.  There is civilian unrest within Iran but the explanation for these incidents may be sectarian in nature.

The two main Islamic sects are Sunni and Shiite.  The two groups have been at odds since the death of Mohammed about 1400 yrs ago.  Much of the Middle East is divided upon sectarian lines with Iran being the largest nation of Shiite Muslims.  Saudi Arabia and much of the rest of the Middle East is Sunni.  Shiites outnumbered Sunnis in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion, but the country was ruled by a Sunni (Saddam Hussein).  Aftr Saddam’s death the minority Sunnis became disenfranchised and formed the terrorist group known as ISIS.  So it makes sense that Shiite Iran would be willing to fight the ISIS Sunnis.  In turn ISIS is now willing to terrorize Iranian Shiites.  So the hunter becomes the hunted or to put it another way, if one lives by the sword you can expect to die by the sword.

D-Day Disrespect

I watched the news this morning and was disappointed that I did not see or hear any mention of the fact that 73 yrs ago, thousands of allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy.  This single day marked the beginning of the end for Adolph Hitler and the tyranny he imposed on Europe.  The loss of life that day (and subsequent days) was staggering as brave soldiers raced to near-certain death.  The Germans were entrenched in heavily fortified bunkers and the beaches were littered with impediments.  The Germans had the high ground and rained hellfire on anyone on the beach.  One need only watch the first minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” to get some concept of what that day was like for our soldiers.

Many of those who perished were still in their teens and never had the opportunity to experience the fullness of life.  Were it not for these brave individuals the course of history would have likely been much different.  When you compare such heroic action to today’s college campuses where students seek “safe spaces” from offensive words or elections results they can’t accept.  Thank God we still have men and women willing to come forward and serve America in our armed services.  Freedom isn’t free and there are many enemies ready to threaten the freedoms we hold sacred.

I call on those of us who love our nation to proudly fly the flag.  No HOA (homeowners association) should ever be able to take down our symbol of freedom.  The flag honors all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our sovereignty.  This is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave! Let us all remember June 6 as a day to recognize valor at its finest.

Russia ad Nauseum

The media is getting a great deal of mileage out of the “Russia hacking” story.  Russia may have attempted to hack into the DNC and some state voting rolls.  I would imagine that China, North Korea and other countries tried as well.  So what?  We have been interfering in elections for decades, perhaps centuries.  If the DNC and other organizations lack the appropriate programs to block access to hackers, then perhaps this is a wakeup call.  Indications are that not a single vote was altered and the only voting discrepancy uncovered thus far was illegals who voted in Virginia (and likely other states).  The media wants so desperately to find collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia that they are near hysterical.  Can Trump expect an apology when all the wasted investigation money turns up nothing?

I don’t know all the details regarding General Flynn’s interactions with the Russian Ambassador but all incoming administrations establish contacts with foreign nations prior to taking office.  All the presidents in my lifetime have had private lines of communication with foreign countries.  Jared Kushner did nothing wrong and I seriously doubt General Flynn did either.  I would not be surprised when all the Russia accusations die down that the Dems and liberals will find something else to blow out of proportion.  Meantime important issues are ignored and a worthless Congress digs us deeper into debt.  Congress will never make the tough decisions to limit spending when they are worried about the next election.  There was never a more critical time to call for term limits than today.  There is no room for a complacent Congress who collects a salary and benefits package disproportionate to their performance.

Poll Propaganda

The media loves to produce statistics that make it appear that President Trump is unpopular and failing the American people.  They are saying recent polls reveal that the President is losing support among military families.  Not since Ronald Reagan has a president been as supportive of active duty and veterans.  How do you think Hillary Clinton would have rated among military families had she won the election?  Military families, like the public in general, are continuously bombarded with negative stories about the President.   I can’t recall a single story that presents a favorable attitude toward the President.  The first act of an illegitimate government is to control what the public hears.  The illegitimate Left has taken over the media and is distorting the news.  When the same propaganda is heard repeatedly the average person will begin to accept it as truth.  There is so much bias in the media that I doubt people are being truthful with pollsters.  Just as before the election, people will not admit that they support our President for fear of ridicule.

Donald Trump has been keeping his promises to the American people and I believe his popularity among “blue collar America” is strong.  I fear that the selfish personal battles being waged against the President will stall his agenda and hurt the very people our government is supposed to represent.

Deja Vu

On more than one occasion, then President Obama declared that Islam was a “peaceful religion.”  Tell that to the journalists who were beheaded and all the Christians in Iraq and Syria who have been slaughtered by Islamic extremists.  The Koran instructs all Muslims to convert non-Muslims to Islam.  Widespread conversion is an underlying foundation of the faith and all non-Muslims are Infidels.  The extremist branch of Islam feels obligated to kill anyone unwilling to convert.  Consequently we witnessed another terrorist attack by this “peaceful” religion in London yesterday.  Despite more and more terrorist attacks, irresponsible liberal judges are blocking enforcement of a temporary travel ban from terrorist training grounds in the Middle East.

The hysterical liberals and the media want to label this a “Muslim ban.”  The media does not want to report the truths behind the travel ban.  The countries on the ban were actually chosen by the Obama Administration, a fact never mentioned by the media.  These countries were selected because they are known training grounds for terrorists.  They are primarily Muslim countries, but so are many more countries not on the list and nowhere in the ban is the word Muslim ever mentioned.  The ban was intended to last 120 days allowing Homeland Security and the State Department to sharpen their vetting skills.   A prominent terrorist leader when interviewed indicated liberal tolerance is crucial to the advancement of their agenda.  You can’t reason with someone determined to kill you!  We elected a president who realizes that national security is a prime concern of every American.  The anti-Trump liberals need to support the President in his efforts, not oppose him.  To use a quote from one of my colonels in the military, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”